Chapter 1

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Marissa's P.O.V

When I opened my locker, a piece of paper fell out. It read

Do you want to go out?


Yes No


I shook my head. Why all these boys think I'm gon give them a chance? I circled no.

"Marrissa? Girl what is that?" my best friend Chelsea asked. I showed it to her. "Now why would you circle no? He is fine!"

"Now Chelsea, shu no that I don't do that! If he was fine and mature, then I would have said yes b-" I was cut off by the devil himself.

"Hi baby!" Damion said, laughing and putting his arm around me. I shook his arm off of me.

"No, not baby" I said.

"What shu mean?" Damion asked.

"I said no." I said, handing him the paper and walking away.

Wazzup! Beetlebop in da house! Watchu thinkin bout Marissa. She coo or nah. I like her. She coo.....ig

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