am i dead? (Stephans p.o.v): Chapter 5

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is this what it feels like to be dead?

"Am I dead?" I groan to myself. Who am I talking to?Have I gone mad..Is this what it feels like to go mad.

"No" This voice isn't firmiliar, it's most definatly not Savannah's voice, it's far too high pitched.

"W-who are you?Where am I!" Seriously, what's going on.

"It's okay, don't worry. Your safe now" A small girl says strolling towards me. She's beautiful, her curly, dirty blonde hair is flawless. Her eyes aqua blue. She can't be real, everything about her is perfect.

"What's your name?" I ask sitting myself up.

"I'm Luci, and your Stephan. I already know, Liam and Zayn brought you here a couple of days ago. Your sister Savannah is on her way to the factory right now." Why is she saying this with a devilish smile. Wait..Why does she look like Harry.

The two men who shot me burst into the room and one grabs me by my neck and pins me against the wall and whispers into my ear. "Hello Stephan, I see you've met Luci? Lovely isn't she, hm? Were going to be having a lot of fun with you later.." Oh god, I wish I was dead now. What are they going to do to me?

Once the men left the room I quickly scurried over to Luci and I blurt out "What are they going to do to my sister?And what did they mean when they said they're going to have a lot of fun with me later?"

"They were only playing mind games with you, I think. And she's going to be working for Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall. They run a buisness in the factory down the road". What kind of a buisness?Oh god, I darent ask.

"Oh, okay well seen as though were going to be stuck down here a while tell me about yourself?" I sound like such a pervert, what's wrong with me..

"Well as you know, my name is Luci. I'm 13 years old, I've been down here since I was 3. I don't remember who my mum and dad were. Uh, so yeah what about you?" I've only been down here for two days and I can't stand it how did she stand being down here for ten years.

"My names Stephan, I'm 11.. Before Harry kidnapped me and Savannah I lived in London with my mum and dad. Yeah, there's not much to tell." I'm so boring, what's wrong with me.

"Your adorable, I'm gonna' call you Stephy hehehe" Stephy?ew.

"Uh than-" My 'Thank You' got cut off when the door slammed open. It was the two men who shot me again. They were carrying some sort of outfits?

-Sorry the next bits a little messed uppp-

"Now then you two, go put these on and your going to put on a show for me and Zayn..If you don't then I'll shoot you in the head this time!"

I'm so afraid, I need my Savvy here she'd know what to do.

Me and Luci went to put the outfits on and quickly came back. She's dressed in fish netting tights and a black leather dress. It's hidious. I'm not really in the position to say that, I'm in a pair of oversized pink boxers.

"Now do it!"

Luci seems rather keen and dives ontop of me and starts undressing herself then pulls my boxers down and starts grinding on me. It's strangly enjoyable. 

But no, what Zayns climbed behind Luci and is now humping her like a dog. This is vile. Me and Luci are now in tears and I-

-a couple hours later-

I must passed out. There's vomit all over the floor and Luci's curled up in a ball in the corner of her bed. She's trembling. I get up but soon colapse. I'm so sore. I drag myself across the room with my arms till I reach Luci's bed and I pull myself up.

"Get away!" She screamed.

She's bleeding all over and has bruises everywhere. Her beautiful face, ruined. But she's still perfect. I wrap my arms around her and lay her down next to me. I cuddle her for hours reasuring her and telling her its going to be okay.

It's not, what have they done.



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