chapter 2

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sozy 4 the first chapter to be a bit boring it was just to start of cuz I'm going to have better stuff in the next chapters


I was in the car driving to my dad's house from the airport.But then I had a call, it was my dad I put the call on loud speaker.

" hey ky ky"

i hate when my dad calls me that but he calls me that from when I was little.So I just let him.

" hey dad"

" R u still on the plane?"

"no I'm almost at home Y?"

"I'm not going to  B at home when ur back and I left u a note on the dinning room table"


"and do u hav ur keys?"


"k bye"

Before my dad said bye I heard sluty saying "leave her she's grown up....."

After about half an hour driving I parked my car in front of my dad's house I got in took my shoes off.Yep he still wasn't there normal.I straight away went to the dining hall.I look at the table and found the note.

It was more like a letter I started reading it.----vvvvv

hey ky ky

I'm sorry that I'm not here I know you came, just to see me.But me and Sierra didn't go on a honeymoon after the wedding and Sierra really wanted to go this month.Im really sorry and you will have to go to a hotel i already booked you a hotel so you don't

have to worry about that

love dad x

I felt a tear dripping down my cheek it wasn't cuz he ditched me

for his slut I knew something like that was going to happen.But the reason I was crying was that he's taking my time.

I love to travel but he was taking my time away _ it was just a waste of time..

I turned the paper over to get the hotels info.Then I was off again driving to the hotel.

My dad wasn't poor but he wasn't too rich but he had a bit of

money no wonder y that slut went to him.

I got to a massive

hotel with windows

everywhere it looked

expensive and  on top it said "hilton"in orange.

The actual name was hilton orlando.

It looked amazing from

the outside but it looked more than amazing inside.

I went to the reception to

get my keys.I hurried to the elevator luckily no one was in it

my room was on the last floor there

were lights everywhere.

I got out of the elevator

and skipped of to my room.

I have to say it was huge it had a Jacuzzi

a balcony and everything

the bathroom had a shower

and a bath in it wich Were bigger

than normal.

I layed down on the

bed it was so smooth and comfy

I knew that I was going

to fall asleep. So I quickly changed in to something for out door I was

planning to go out after sleeping 4

bout an hour.I fell asleep quickly.

****3 and a half  hour later ******

I woke up and checked the time on my phone I went to sleep at 9!! and now it was 30 mins past midnight.

I was board and wasn't going to go

out of the hotel so I

just wanted to wonder around

the hotel.There weren't any people around

cuz they were probz


I came out of the door and started walking suddenly I tripped over something.

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