It Doesn't Hurt

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Hey, it's Christofyr! This is a story that took place a little while ago. This kid was my best friend and we were boyfriend and boyfriend for a while. Now he hates me. I don't know why. Truth be told I odn't care anymore. But now he has gone into teasing me. It is really bad. I've been nothing but nice to him and he treats me like shit.  So here is a story that took place about two weeks ago that really got to me. It's still a major deal because he hasn't stopped. He even got my boyfriend to brake-up with me. And we were happy together. So here is this.


"Christofyr, if you don't shut the Hell up I'm going to hurt you!" Kevin screamed at me. He had his arm on my throat my feet dangling above the ground and my back pushed against the wall. I couldn't breathe and so I simply nodded. He let me down and I colapsed on the floor. Tears were threatening to spill, but I wasn't going to grant them that. They won't see me cry. I felt bony hands touch my arms and sides as my friend helped me up.

"You alright, Chris?" Jeremiah asked. I nodded and got my enhaler out of my pocket. Yeah, asthma whatever. Jeremiah walked with me down to my locker and out to the busses. I was taunted by Kevin and his friends. Jeremiah just pulled me into a side hug and glared at them. What did I do? Kevin just, just made fun of me for nothing.

Kevin got off the bus before us and when I stepped off he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him til our noses were almost touching. "You are an ugly, good for nothng, little bitch ho should go kill himself," he growled. After saying that he punched my somach and then left me doubled over holding my stomach. Jeremiah helped me straighten out and we walked home together.


I was brushing my teeth when I got a cal from a random number. Being me, I answered.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Christofyr,You need to fucking die! No body but that bastard Jeremiah likes you! GO FUCKING CUT AND BLEED TO DEATH!" Then the person hung up. I sat down on the ground and cried. I knew who it was. And I told him that I had stopped cutting a long time ago.

I took out my old razor and made a huge gash in my left arm. I cleaned it out and bandaged it then went to sleep only to be woke up by my phone beeping. It was text.

Random number; Drown yourself!

Me; Fuck off!

After that was sent I turned my phone off and went to sleep.

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