You're The Reason. (Ashton Irwin)

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I slowly dragged the blade across my pale skin; hoping that I had the guts to push deeper.

If my mother saw me right now, she'd probably kill me. She knows I do this, she made me promise not to do it again but those words wont stop me.

I looked up at the mirror, my long ginger hair flowing down my back. My blue eyes filled with emptiness, with a tear rolling down my cheek.

"Allie, we need to go in ten minutes" My mum shouted from downstairs causing me to get a fright.

"Shit" I grabbed the bandaid and put it over the open wound. I grabbed my cardigan and shoved it on while wiping my tears. I put on some concealer so it looked like I haven't been crying. I dragged myself downstairs. Looking at my mum carrying my suitcases to the car, "Do you need any help?"

"No, I'm fine, honey" She gave me a comforting smile which I returned.

My mum said I was going to stay with my grandmother for a few weeks that I apparently needed time away from this city.

"Thats me finished, ready to go?" My mum asked. I nodded and walked out the house towards the car.


After a few hours we pulled up to a huge building, I looked at the big sign that read 'Carntyne Lane Rehab Center' I gulped.

"Mum, what are we doing here?" She didn't answer my question. My mum parked the car and got out, I followed.

She got my suitcases and handed them to me. I then followed her into the big house, dreading at what was coming next.



So this is my new fanfiction, I really hope you enjoy it and stuff. I'm not good with grammar as you can probably tell by this chapter, so I'm sorry if it's not that great.

(sorry it's short)

I'll be updating soon! -Beth

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