Chapter 10-What would you do?

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Dans POV

so I broke the news to Georgina about going on tour.

She ran off and wouldn't let me into her flat when I got back.

Obviously things were shit and I wasn't in the mood.

Later that day I got a call from kyle, I missed it but he left a voicemail.

"Hey dan, it's kyle, Greg our photographers had to drop out the tour cos his mums in hospital. tragic man, I know. anyway, know anyone who'd want to come with us? catch you later alligator, and remember keep calm and love kittens darling! byeeeeeeeeeee!"

Oh kyle, he never failed to make me laugh.

But that was great news!!!! Georgina could come with us!!!!

I had to call her, but first I rang kyle and asked if she could go.

"Alright mate, it's dan"

"Dannnnnn darlinggggg how lovely of you to call at such a fine hourrrrr" kyle said once again in a gay voice.

"Oh kyle" I laughed

"Look mate, I've got someone who would want to come on tour with us so make sure you keep the ticket free okay?"

"Whooooooo, WHOSSSSS IT FORRR DANNY BOYYYY???? YOUURRRR GIRLFRIEND???" Kyle said sarcastically.

".....Actually, is for my girlfriend....."

The phone went silent for a minute.

"NOOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYY, NOTTTT GEORGINAAAAAAA!" Kyle was practically screaming down the phone by now :)

"Yes way, look, I told her last night that we were going away for 5 months and she practically ran away from me, so I need to sort things out with her, promise you'll keep us quiet from the rest of the band??? I want it to be a surprise, okay kyle?"

"Yeah, sureeeeeeeeeee mateee! your secrets safe with me darling ;) "

(Return of gay kyle :) )

"Thanks kyle, alright I gotta go, speak to you tomorrow."

"Bye!!! and remmmemmmberrrr....."


we were both laughing now.

"You got it darling, you got it"

And kyle hung up.

Phewww, I thought to myself.

Now just to get Georgina to agree with me and come on tour.

I picked up the phone and dialled her number.

"Dan?" a concerned voice said.

"Hi Georgina! Look I know I fucked up yesterday but I have some news."

"Go on" she said

"Well Greg our photographer had dropped out the tour which means we have a ticket I was wondering if you would do the honours of coming with me??"

The phone went silent for what seemed like an hour....


Georgina sounded over the moon

"Phewww, glad to hear that"

I was relieved....

"Listen I gotta go to work but come round to mine tonight at 6 and we will have a chat"

"Okay see you later..... love you!!"


and she hung up..

So that was it, I was getting to go on tour with one of the most beautiful girls In the world :) and it was certainly worth it :)

SHORT CHAPTER GUYS I KNOW :( but how cute was that conversation between dan and kyle???? :) let me know what you guys think and I'll update tomorrow if I have time !! thanks for reading !

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