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There she was. The one who stole him from me and broke his heart. She sat with her fake friends.

Ashton sat in the back of the cafeteria quietly while callum talked away. Sorrow in his eyes was noticable.

How did i let this happen. We loved eachother and she stole him. I thought he loved me. Guess not.

My heart still trying to heal. It was not helping seeing him everyday.

Our eyes locked. I looked down and read my book. "Hey" I heard a male voice.

"Hey Mikey" I smiled weakley. "You still miss him dont you?" Michael asked me. "Everyday and night." I said

"Ill help" He walked towards Ashton. "No!"

It was to late he sat down next to him instantly starting to talk. Well, shit.


"So, look. Rachel is torn apart...still its not getting better. And with the Ashton i know, you will fund the love you had for her and try to get her back because if you dont someone is bound to snatch her up....sweep her off her feet. I know you still love her. We all do. So please atleast try?" Michael said.

She still loves me? After what i did to her? How could she love a monster like me. I told her i loved her then broke her heart to be with a slut.

Im a horrible person. A dick. An ass all the names in the book.

Yet she still wants me back. "I'll try Mikey and ill die trying" I said and walked out the cafeteria.

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