Chapter 1

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I was drinking my beer when I got a all from management."hello?"

"Perrie get to my office now!" Simon screamed.

I heard a beep so looks like he hung up.I hopped in my car and started the engie.i turned on the highway and thought why did simon want me.

I walked into his office and saw the rest of the girls with same look.Confused."What do u want simon?!"I asked

" You girls are going tone going on a tour with a boy band.Now go pack you will be picked up at 6 am.Have a good day"he said and shooed us off.

We were pushed out of the office and stood there confused.We all got in out separate cars and went to out flats.

I grabbed 2 suitcases and threw clothes for 6 months.My toothbrush,hair dryer,make up,etc.i put on some yoga pants and a random tank top.i threw my hair in a ponytail and right as my head hit the pillow I was out.

I woke up to beeping and look at my alarm clock it said 6!Why do i have to wake up so early!i put on a hoody and just brushed my hair out.I heard a banging on the door and thought 'management'.

I wheeled my suitcases down the stairs and the guy grabbed them and put them in the trunk.The door open and saw the girls tired faces.Jade pulled me and slammed the door."Why do we have to wake up so early!?"Leigh moaned.

"Yea"We all agreed tiredly.

Someone pushed me over and saw jesy." Come on time to get on the bus."she whisper.

I got up and walked to the bus and climbed in.There I saw ONE DIRECTION!!!!!

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