Hoplessly Romantic

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Chapter 2:

Emily's POV

We have been running through the mall for 13 minutes now and finally we have seen Nate go into PINK. We get in there and see he is near the gift section.

"Nate what are you doing!!!" Sarah is yelling.

"Fine, you caught me. I was in hear getting you a gift to give to you after the dance." We were having an after party at Nate's house. Sarah and I were both going and a couple of our other friends were too. "Do you mind leaving I want you to be surprised."

"Okay, sorry. See you later." Sarah apologizes.

"It's alright, love you."

"Love you too, bye."

Sarah and I leave after that and go into Forever 21 to look at dresses. About an hour later we found two outfits mine is a little black dress with a white sweater cardigan to go with it. And Sarah got a teal sparkly dress and black wedges.

"You ready to go home?" I say.

"Yeah." She says.

We go back to my house and do our hair and makeup. An hour goes by and it's 6:25, the dance starts at 7:00.

"Dad we need to leave now!!!"

"Ok calm down get in the car you two." He says

We get to the school around 6:39 and we see Nate standing at the door.

"Have fun girls." My dad says then he speeds off.

Sarah's POV

"Nate, can I talk to you alone." I say.

We walk away from Emily.

"Hey what's up?" He says.

"So is Tim going and what does he think about Emily?"

"I can't tell you." He smirks.

"Fuck you."

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