chapter 6: Lost Soul

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My life.

Their lives.

I guess it all ends at some point.

Weather or not its ended by sickness or old age we all die, death can't be escaped no mater where we run or hide.

With the wind whipping through the small cracks making the area colder I felt my self drifting off.

"I want this whole house checked , find her" I heard a voice which sounded similar to one of Marcel's

*Cellar door is pushed open*

Not having enough energy to even look up, I collapse onto the dark and dusty floor.

"Amy are you alright-"

I always imagined when I took my last breath it would be with my husband sitting by my side,but I'm sure that's what thousands imagined also.

"You only live twice: once when you are born and once when you look death in the face"

The metallic taste in my mouth slowly faded away, and as I felt my self drift more and more, I thought of the thousands that died a much more painful death.

And at that moment there was a silence; peace, I was soon to be at compete peace, no more worries of death just silence.

After my last gulp of the dry and chalky air, everything stopped and the pain subsided.

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