Hidden Feelings a R5 fanfic

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You- I dont know

Riker- I like you also but ross is crazy about you

You- Riker i dont like ross in that way i dont have feelings for any of you guys besides one person

Riker- Who?

You- Not saying

Riker- If you dont tell me im going to kiss you

You- Ok start kissing because im not telling you

Riker- (leans in and kisses you)

You- Seriously riker

Riker- Yes so did you feel anything?

You- (kissed him and layed on top of him) Yes

Riker- So is that a yes

You- Yes but secertly

Riker- Fine

You- So its like 4 now so we should probably get re-


Riker- Shit

Riker got up and ran to his room to grab his stuff and came back to your room.

Riker- Will you come watch my game?

You- of course babe

Riker- Come on

You put your shoes on and ran to the car with everyone

~after the game~

Riker- That was such a good game!

Rocky- Totally!

Ross- That was awesome!

You- (kisses riker) you all did good

Ross- Wait you to are dating?

You and Riker- No

Ross- Then why did she just kiss you?

Riker- I dont know

You didnt say anything.

You all got home.

You- Im going to bed

Rocky- Its only like  8 aclock

You- I know but its been a long day

Riker- Im going to take a shower

You- (ran to your room)

Riker- (20 minutes later Riker came in your room) Hey

You- Will you lay by me?

Riker- Of course baby girl

You- So your 22?

Riker- Yeah your like 17 right?

You- No 18

Riker- (kissed you) so do you want me to sleep in here all night with you or just until you fall asleep?

You- I want you to stay in here with me all night because i will feel safe in your arms

Riker and you both fell asleep.

~Next Morning~

You woke up and riker was laying right beside you awake.

Riker- Hey babe

You- Hey

Riker- (sat up and so did you) so how did you sleep?

You- Fine i guess

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