Dang it Historia

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So yeah, __Historia__ tagged me again, so just 15 things about myself.

1. I have anxiety, always have. Doctors thought I was autistic but nope. Just horribly anxious.

2. Never been in a relationship. Everyone I've liked hasn't worked out. Probably for the best, though. Some people I've liked were real asses.

3. I have serious issues with keeping friends, whether I just piss them off or I realize they're not the kind of people I want in my life. Something always ruins my friendships.

4. I don't have asthma, but if I'm around smoke long enough I have gotten asthmatic attacks. But haven't been around smoke for too long in 5 years, and no asthmatic attacks, but still scared of them.

5. I'm overwight. I'm not too bad, but I am considered heavy. And some of my friends point it out a lot. In a positive way, yes, but it's not necessary.

6. My family sucks. My mom keeps trying to get me to move back to the place where I was bullied for most of my life. My dad says if there is moving involved, it will be her leaving.

7. I'm a huge fan of anime. Not as much as before, but I still love it.

8. I also like steven universe, even cosplayed steven once.

9. I also love Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

10. And Gordon Ramsey.

11. I tend to lie a fair amount. I've gotten better, but it's a habit that's hard to control.

12. I also complain. A lot.

13. I used to play volleyball, but had to quit when I transfered schools.

14. I go to an alternative school, with two classes that are 2 hours long, then one class (seminar) that's 1 hour long. I also get 1 hour lunch and I can leave campus to get lunch, which makes my diet consist of Wendy's or Starbucks.

15. I'm going into sophomore year, not looking forward to the cold hard depths of adulthood.

So there are the 15 facts about me! I have no one to tag still, but oh well.

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