Restless Evenings

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It felt only like yesterday when Ceony shook Tagis Praff's hand. It felt only like yesterday when Ceony said yes to Emery's proposal. It felt exhilarating, to say the least, as she glanced at the gold ring that situated itself around her left ring finger. It was made by a Smelter, as the metal in the ring would change in size if Ceony's finger increased or decreased in size. It was also resistant to the elements, so it was durable. When she showed the ring to Magician Aviosky, she recalled her speaking about how every Smelter's ring has several magical properties that made it different from regular engagement rings.

"It increases and decreases by size, if your ring finger gets too small or too wide." Mg. Aviosky explained, "It also bears against the elements well. Though, it will start to crack if your marriage starts to fall apart. The ring can detect the malice in your heart and can tell you if you two are truly for one another. If the ring becomes separate pieces, it believes you aren't compatible at all."

"How do you know all this?" Ceony asked, knowing that the magician wasn't married or ever 'opened her heart to someone.'

"I had a colleague who married with a Smelter ring. She was a Smelter herself and explained the properties to me." Mg. Aviosky explained, frowning.

"What happened to her then? You speak about her in the past tense." Ceony pointed out.

"Her marriage crumbled apart and so did she."

"She crumbled apart?"

"She was never the same ever since. Left her life and ran off. When you lose the one you are sure you love, it does things to you, Ceony. Whether it be death or just simply life taking its toll, they're both equally as bad." Mg. Aviosky looked at her dead in the eyes, "Don't be like her. She didn't talk it out with her fiancé. Don't let the anger build up, don't let it break you two apart."

Ceony never found herself in the thought of losing Emery, not by death, but by arguments and such. The married life seemed so nice, considering what she witnessed with her family. Her father and mother were able to pull together what they could and they may not have a Smelter's wedding ring, but their ring wouldn't have too many cracks.

She frowned and started to think of the positives. She wasn't going to lose Emery to arguments. He had only yelled at her during several occasions, and she deserved it. It was her recklessness that got the job done, but worried Emery greatly and led him to shouting at her.

But would he yell at her again? What would be his reason?

She shook her head and decided to think about something else. No good thinking about 'if' situations.

It had only been two months. Two months, finally moving out her bedroom and into his. Emery was still a gentleman regardless and only allowed her to be beside him in bed. Even if she didn't hold the title of 'apprentice', he still refused to go beyond a sultry kiss. She sighed and returned to folding laundry, thinking of these past few years.

It amazed her how she progressed so far at her age. She gained and lost. She gained Emery's favor, she gained the ability to change her bond, she gained friends in different places, but at the same time, she lost so much. Anise still haunted her memories, as well as Delilah and countless others. Ceony didn't regret losing Lira, Grath, and Saraj as much, but it amazed her that in the span of three years, so much blood was shed. How much of it was innocent? How much of it wasn't?

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