Sibling's Reunion

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The summer sun
Shining down on the beach
The warm feel of your hand
The juicy taste of peach

That's how it is
Back home each year.
I've been gone for a while
But my return's quite near

We'll splash in the waves,
We'll laugh at nothing,
We'll tell each other secrets,
Forever trusting.

The flowers will sway
In the ol', tender breeze,
The guitars will strum,
And mother'll sneeze

We'll sing old songs,
We'll stay up all night,
We'll whisper stories,
And do our manicures right.

The white hallways
Full of our family's picture frames.
We'll stare at them,
And giggle at ourselves and our old, silly games.

I'll see you soon, sister,
Back home at the beach,
And in the meadow,
Under our very own beech.

Just you and mum and me,
Back home,
With the cool lap of water
And the garden gnomes.

So till then,
Remember my eyes,
And I'll remember yours
For I'll love you forever: my little sister, Adonis.

A/N: This one won the Weekly poetry Awards, contest #7 by earnestycommunity

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