Ok Emmy she doesn't like boys either and no they are not lesbians they are just afraid of men.

Lina's POV

What!! by who, when, how!!both me and Emmy said at the same time.

Ok you two are weird, we are adopting you. stripes came an said with a squel

Wow he's girly I am sure he's gay. i whispered to Emmy maybe a little to loud .

I am not gay I have Eleanor my girl friend I am just very childish now come on we are adopting you!! he said again

Uhhh o-o-okay.both me Emmy said

Let's go shopping first ok come on! hurry up slow pokes!!!! stripes said and we got in the car

Ok we don't know your names yet? I said

Well, I am Zayn. said quiff

I am Liam. said buzz cut

Harry . curly said

I am louis!!!stripes said

And I am Niall!! Irish said

My name is Angelina but call me Lina

And my name is Emma but call me Emmy. Emmy said

Ok well were at the mall ok let's go!Harry said

After hours if shopping we went home

"Can't believe you spent that much money on us" I said

Well it's nothing now let's go see your room, guys are sharing one ok. ok we said

When we got to our room we said

"Oh!" I said "my!" emmy said "Nandos!" we both said at the same time!

They like Nandos! Niall yelled

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