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That fantastic song

And beautiful dress.

Your favorite way to spend your time.

Days at the park

Having the time to go on walk,

The impeccable timing of your best friend,

Or her overcompensation.

Long winter nights snuggled in a 

Blanket with hot chocolate

Topped with marshmallows.

Other little things like

Running nowhere

Breathing fresh air

And wanting nothing more than to

Lie in the grass and be

But bigger things like

Needing nothing more than simply being

With you, lying on a bed and


Having so much less than everything

You could ever want with them.

Going day by day wanting and wishing and 

Needing but not having and

Loving and hating and

Crying and lying and 

Painfully difficultly and barely and impossibly

Living on without it because you're just

Knowing and knowing that they could never

Ever even come close to wanting or 

Wishing for you half the same way your 

Need to breathe is dedicated to them.

They're never needing to have what you

Love but hate and want and need.

So you go on day by day trying to enjoy

All those fantastic little things. 


Everything begins to remind you of them

Living and breathing and running and being.

Their smile in your head rather than

Next to you in bed.

And as you lie there alone just thinking of them you

Realize why 

They don't cry or lie

About their feelings for you because

Living on is easy for someone who is indifferent.

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