chapter 1

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before I start, Anna is in high school. She is short and petite. She has long natural black hair, with coloured streaks, and piercing blue eyes. she has snake bites and a nose piercing. she has anger issues and is the schools outcast along with her best friends, who are brother and sister. Her mom died a while ago.


I sighed. I turned over in bed and stared at my glow in the dark alarm clock.


'Ill never get back to sleep now..' I thought, 'I'll just go for a jog.'

I stand up and pull on a pair of black shorts, a tank top and shrug on a white hoodie. I grab my mobile and earphones and sneak downstairs. I slip on my converse and jog out the door locking it behind me. This early in the morning is the only time I can sneak out.

I stand on the porch for a bit, feeling the gentle breeze blow around me. I loved the dark.

I put in my earphones and start to follow the path alongside the woods near where I lived.

I listened to 4 songs:

someone, somewhere - asking alexandria,

I'm not Okay(I promise) -my chemical romance,

knives and pens - black veil brides,

not the American average -asking alexandria,

before a wave of uneasiness flooded over me. I pulled out my earphones and looked around.

I hear mischievous laughter from behind me, coming from in the woods. I whip my body around. I slowly walk into the woods, after about 5 minutes of walking I spot someone leaning against the tree. We are almost wearing identical clothing, Except he's wearing black trousers instead of shorts. his Hood is pulled up, over his face.

"Hello..?" I ask apprehensively

"good morning" He replied in a raspy, menacing voice, "you should be out alone in the woods at this time"

He pulled a kitchen knife out of his pocket, and gripped it firmly in his pale, white hand.

"I know.." I gulped, backing up to a tree.

He ran forward, pinning me against the tree. He held the knife To my throat.

in a chilling voice he said "GO..TO...SLEEP!"

"go on! do it! I don't have to live anymore! I've lived the horrible, heartbreaking, abusive excuse of the thing that is my life! you would be doing me a favour!"

We stared at eachother, while he took in my words and I took in his features. I stared at his permanent smile, carved into his face, the black edges surrounding his eyes where his eyelids should be, his pale, snow white skin. No.. it couldn't be.. is it.. Jeff..?

"Why cant i kill you?" He asked in a low voice.

"I dont know!" I answered.

Suddenly he shoved his knife back in his pocket and grabbed my arms and rolled up the sleeves a little too roughly, Causing the scabs of one of my fresh cuts to begin bleeding. He stared at my cuts, scars and bruises.

"YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF?!" He yelled into my face

"Yeah, and?"

"stop." he took a rag out of his back pocket and wrapped it around my wrist to stop the bleeding.

"take off your hoodie."

"What?! Why!?"

"yours is covered in blood" he sighed.

I shrugged off my hoodie, and held it out to him,  I blushed at he took off his hoodie leaving his shirtless. I stared at his white scarred torso. I reached out and traced one of his scars with my finger. Maybe he's like me...?

He pushed me to the floor, pelting his hoodie at me while I was Down. 

"DID I SAY YOU COULD TOUCH ME?!" He screamed at me

I shrug and pull on his hoodie at he takes mine. 


Startled, I sprint away, getting to my house in record time. That's all it is. a house. not a home. I unlock the door and creep back upstairs to my room, collapsing of my bed, drifting off to sleep surrounded by Jeff's musky, sweet scent.


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