Mine for the summer

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"Olivia. I need to talk to you". I said with a harsh voice. I just wanted her to stay to get this over with. When I closed the door behind the rest of the crew I turned around and watched her. Her blue tight jeans covered her perfectly while her over-size sweater left some for imagination. I needed to discover her. She looked at me confused and nervously. She couldn't be that innocent not knowing what this was about.

"What's up?" She stood still and started to pull her hair back. She bit her lip and looked down. Her sexy lip looked so inviting and her red hair was perfectly messy. I thought about her lip being more red and her hair being even more messy when I was done with her. I got more and more aroused just looking at her.

I walked up to her and grabbed her waist. I needed to do this and then just leave it alone. She did a quick exhale when I pushed her hips against mine. My hands slid down and cupped her butt. It was so perfect under my big hands covering almost all of it. She looked at me in shock. I guess she didn't think that I would do this so quickly but I couldn't wait any longer. Her devilish brown eyes made me see red.

"The thing is, there is something about you Liv". I started to pull out her shirt, tugged in her jeans. "Something I want". I unbuttoned her jeans and let my finger play with the lining of her panties. Black underwear. She stood there frozen but I didn't care. I tilted her head so she looked at me. When I met her eyes I instantly stopped. She looked scared. She seemed to be close to tears. What was this? Did she play with my mind and having no intention to see it thru? I got really mad and backed away from her.

"You should leave". It took her a second to gather herself before she ran out, leaving the door open behind her. When I was about to close it I saw her still running. What had I done? Was she so scared of me. I thought of every look she had given me and I wondered if I had misread them. I doubted it. She wanted me even if she didn't know it. Before this summer was over she would be mine. Mine for one night. I looked forward to the chase.


This is just what I thought about. Should it be a story? Yes? No?

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