Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Ayas POV

It was still light out so I discide to go out side amd sit on the tree swing, I lightly swung on the swing thinking about the percence Ive been thinking about those foot steps and that muffled sound. I leaned back in the swing looking up at the sunset it was red and orange like fire, the thought of fire brought me back to that night. Maria called me in for dinner I walked inside and sat at the table, I wanted to ask her if she had felt the presence of someone elase to. " Maria can I ask you something?" I said " of course mistress" she replyed " kinda wired but uh..have you been geting a feeling that there may be someone ealse here other then us?" I asked " yes!" she said practically yelling, I jumped a little " I'm glad it wasn't just me I thought I was going crazy" she said ' I know the feeling' I thought becuse I did know the feeling of feeling like I'm insane, I feel it every time I look in that red book that belonged to father, all the detailed pictures of people's insides. I didn't know why I kept reading it why did-. " mistress" Maria said bring me out of my daze. After dinner Maria went to bed but not before asking me if I wanted her to burn sage " no" I said " I don't think this person is harmful" with that she went off to bed. I stayed up to read a book I bought resantly, I didn't really understand what it was about,but I liked it the main character reminded me of my self in a way. I was about to turn the page when I felt the waight on the sofa shift alittle, the air next to me was cold like ice. I kept reading I felt the spirit rest his head in the nap of my neck reading over my shoulder, I jumped at the feeling I wiped my head around to see nobody the person was gone. I walked into my room, there was a black note book on my desk that wasn't there before " huh? Do you want me to read this?" I asked there was no awnser but somehow. I knew it wanted me to read it I opend to the middle and read an enretie

Novermer 10th

I haven't been out of the cell in days I'm so bord he won't alow me to see her Aya my only freind in the world,I think I'm falling for her but now I can never tell her my feelings, oh well Aya if you ever find this my name is Dio, I know you already know this but just incase you ever forget, I just want to tell you I'm in love with you I was from the second I lyed eyes on you. I teared up while reading it that boy,the one who saved me the night of the curse had really been the same boy I was freinds with a long time ago " its really is you" I half whispered as I turned the page

3/2 ( I think)

Dio my name is Dio I can't forget that I won't then the rest of the page was filled up with the word Dio.


It hurts my hurts make it stop

Then rest of the page was soaked with dired blood, I was crying I felt the presence again

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