Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Dios POV

I was so cold, the world around her was difrent then the one around me it was dark and lonely but other then that it was the same 'how can I help her if I don't even have a physical form?' I asked myself for the millionth time my body was the only thing her mother couldn't retrun, just yet she told me that on Ayas eightteenth birthday there would be an eclipse and that would restor my physical form or something clęsha like that. But I couldn't force on what she was saying it was since I was just brought back and still trying to get a feeling of something I didn't care what even if it was pain I just wanted to feel something, I still haven't there's still just the infaneint nothingness that's swimming inside, still just the cold emptiness of my current form. I couldn't even communicate with her I was too weak I didn't have enought energy.

The next day she and Maria went out I was alone, I walked around trying to figuer out how I could communicate, I did teach my self to walk through walls but other then that nothing ealse, I tried to talk agian and still nothing but a muffled noise that sounded almost like talking but more like a sound that was near impossible to discribe ' why can't I do this why can't I speek' I thought, then I felt something tears the sensation of tears rolling down my cheeks "yes" I said, my voice was still muffled and hard to hear but sightly more audible, I still I was so happy to be finally capablel I went into Ayas room one of the many rooms I hadn't gone in, I made sure to leave everything exactly where it was I looked in the bag she had the night of the curse, I saw a diary it wasn't the accursed red book she found but a dusty old one with a black cover, it felt so filmier like I had once before I was about to open it when heard the front door open I took journal with me and disapered like I was never there.When I was about to open the journal when it fell to the floor I was back to sage one, the feeling of happyness became less and less until there was nothing left but that infaneint nothingness and cold epmtyness of my current form, I felt so weak like if I weren't bound to this place by monika then I would disaper or sink into the empty storegae room I've been in. At lest an hour when by it was five'O clock right now that was my best guess i started to nodice thing, the way ghostly my form was almost transparent and had a slight bearly nodicabke misty glow, and how I was paler then I use to be, how it-being a ghost hurt in a strage way, how i could walk though walls,and how it felt...normal like I was just walking. The more I thought about it the more I hurt in that stange way that I couldn't explain.

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