Chapter Two

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Andreas pov:

I woke up and Kian wasn't beside me anymore. I walked down the stairs and looked around for Kian.

" Kiki !" I yell and wait for a response.

" I'm in the living room ." He announces.

When I walk into the room it's not just kian . It's Kian , Sam, JC, Ricky , and someone I've never seen before.

" This is Ryan. Ryan this is Andrea."Ricky says introducing us as I sit down next to Kian.

Ryan's Pov:

When Andrea walked im surprised my mouth didn't drop open. She was beautiful. I couldn't help but stare at her. It was obvious that she was with Kian but I didn't care I wanted Andrea. And I was determined to make her mine .

Kian's Pov:

I looked over and Ryan and saw him staring at Andrea. I turned my head and kissed Andrea then looked back over at Ryan. He rolled his eyes and looked away. Ryan was one of Sam's friends, and I already didn't like him.

I could see him glancing over every few minutes. I swear if Ryan goes near Andrea ill freak out. I didn't even know the guy but I knew I didn't like him.

After a few awkward minutes of us all sitting there JC announced we should go somewhere and Ricky said we should see a movie. "You should invite Jenn." JC says looking at Andrea.

It was really obvious JC liked Jenn. But no one was sure if she knew so we never really talked about it.

Andrea, Ricky and I all drove together and picked up Jenn on the way which left JC, Sam, and Ryan in the other car.

When we got the theater they had already gotten us tickets.

"What movie are we seeing ?" I asked.

" Th Conjuring ." Jenn said.

"You guys are trying to scare me to death." Andrea commented.

"You'll be fine." Jenn said.

We walked back into the theater and there were only a few other people there besides us.

Everyone was trying to figure out seating arrangements. It wound up being Ricky, Me , Andrea , Ryan, Jenn ,Sam and then JC.

"You good Andrea?" Ricky laughed.

"I can't even watch these previews with out screaming! I hate whoever chose this movie." She replied.

Then the movie started and we got 'shushed' by another group of younger kids.

15 minutes into the movie Andrea had her head buried into my chest. I though it was adorable how she hated scary movies.

When the movies over we all sit outside in the parking lot just talking for a little.

I drive Andrea and Jenn back to their place and then go back to the O2L house. I get a text from some random number.

From: Unknown.


I go up to Ricky and ask who's number is it's. It turned out to be Ryan's . I got pissed. I was debating on weather to answer or not.

To: Ryan

From : Kian

Look Ryan, just stay away from Andrea and we won't have a problem.

I get a text back almost instantly.



Sorry I can't do that.



I'm serious stay away from her she's MY girlfriend



Not for long.

And that's where our conversation ended. I swear if that bastard goes near Andrea were going to have some problems.

Ryan's Pov:

I was going to get to Andrea no matter what Kian says. He can't stop me. He doesn't even deserve her.

-----the next day-----

Andrea's Pov:

I get a text from Kian around lunch saying to come over . So because I have no other plans I do. But when I pull into the drive way neither Kian or Ricky's cars are there. I knock on the door but no one answered. So I knocked again. This time Ryan answered the door. " um. Hi Ryan, where's Kian he texted me to-"

I got cut off by Ryan smashing his lips into mine . What the hell?! I pulled away as fast as I can .

"Look Ryan I have a-"

He cut me off again by kissing me. This time his hand wrapped around my head so I couldn't pull back.

We sat there for which felt like minutes before he let go. I was in complete shock. I didn't even know what to say.

"What the hell! What was that about?! " I finally spit out .

He. Smirked . " I really like you Andrea. You're so gorgeous and I-"

"No no no! " i reply as I walk back to my car.

I drive back to my apartment and when I get back Jenn is awake

"You look aggravated ." She says.

"I am." Is my reply.

"Why?" She ask.

"You know Ryan?"

She nods.

"He just tried to kiss me, actually no he didn't try he did.. Twice!" I say as I sit on the couch with my head in my hands.

"And so now you're upset because...." She waited for a reply.

" because I practically just cheated on Kian!" I say.

" how?" She ask shoving cereal into her mouth.

"I just kissed another guy Jenn, what do you call that." I say.

"Wait you kissed him?" She questions.

" no he kissed me." I say

"So you weren't cheating ." She says.

I sigh . " just Nevermind Jenn you did get it." I reply and walk upstairs.

Ryan's Pov:

Ricky and Kian were at IKEA , this was the perfect time. I took Kian's phone before they left and texted Andrea.

And I kissed her. Twice. It was amazing, it wouldn't been even better If she had kissed back. But whatever. I got the proof to send to Kian and make him mad. Then hopefully he'll break up with Andrea and I'll get to have her.

Kian's Pov:

I follow Ricky around ikea for almost an hour. "Just pick a damn bed!" I say.

Finally he picks one. Thank the Lord.

When we get in the car I get a text, from Ryan. This time it's a picture.

It's a picture of him kissing a girl. And for the first few seconds I think nothing of it . Until I realize it's Andrea..


Ooh cliff hanger, not really.

But I hope you guys liked this chapter and sorry if it sucks . If you have any suggestions feel free to message me. This is my first fan fiction so please don't hate .

Thanks so much for reading!

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