Chapter 4- What to do

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"So lemme get this straight a sec" Will said after an agonizing five minutes of him being silent, sipping away at his coke.

"Okay..." I answered, awating his evaluation of the situation with Liam.

"So you ran into Liam-literally. You're so clumsy" Will smirked, and I nodded, grimacing.

'He told you he missed you, that he needed you" Will continued dramatically "then confessed his undying love for you and-"

"Will!" I exclaimed "Take this seriously"

"Yes ma'am" He saluted.

"Anyway, he told you he loved you and you ran away. Correct?" He questioned

I nodded my head, wondering what on earth I was going to tell Liam when I saw him next. I don't know how I feel about him. Sure I liked him still, I still get on with him- I think I always will.

"And now your here, and you don't know what you're going to do" Will concluded. I smiled at how well he knew me, and he grinned back,  knowing that he also knew that I was smiling at the fact he knew me so well.

"Precisely. You always know what to do Willy" I replied

"Don't call me Willy! How many times do I have to tell you!" He exclaimed, grimacing.

"Sorry Willy" I smirked

Will grunted, but then his face suddenly lit up. And that scared me.

"You asked for it El" He said, getting up out of his chair and making his way over to me, holding his arms out.

"Wh..what are you doing?" I stuttered

Then Will pounced on me, digging his fingers into my sides and tickling me. I fell off my chair and onto the floor, making Will fall ontop of me. But he didn't give up, he kept tickling me until I was gasping instead of laughing and had tears running out of my eyes.

"Oh El, are you okay?" Will asked, stopping the 'tickling torture' as he liked to call it, still perched ontop of me.

"Yes, I'm fine...happy tears Will, not bad" I smiled

Will laughed "Good, I thought I'd hurt you" He replied.

Everything was silent for a while, Will and I just lay there staring at each other. He raised his hand, and I prepared myself for more tickling but it didn't come. Instead, he moved a strand of hair away from my face, his fingers brushing along my cheek. I looked into is eyes, mesmerised by the bluey-green colour of them. I always loved his eyes, they were beautiful. His hair actually glimmered in the light that hit him, and I was fully impacted with how gorgeous Will actually is.

Oh my, what am I thinking! This is Will!

I pushed him off me, and couldn't help but giggle when he rolled onto his bum with a thud, looking a little dazed.

"Yo Will" I waved in his face


"Oof" I groaned, when I was landed on with much force.

"Ellie I missed you!" A little voice said

"Awh hey little dude! I missed you too! What have you been up to?" I asked Will's little brother. Wesley was the cutest little boy I have ever met, he was practically my little brother too considering how much time I spent with him, and that thought alone made me smile.

"I was at the park with Mumma amd Dadda" He said happily, playing with my hair. He looked over at Will who was silent on the floor beside me still. Frowning, Wesley asked "What's wrong with Willy?" He pointed at him then got off of my lap and toddled over to Will.

"Willy?" Wes asked, prodding his face.

I smirked to myself, loving the fact that Wes had started calling Will by his nickname I had given him ages ago.

Will snapped out of it, looking at me and smiling sheepishly. I raised an eyebrow at him but he turned back to Wes saying "Hey little man, how ya doing?"

Wes smiled then jumped onto his brother and hugging him.

Will laughed then stood up with Wes in his arms and held him tightly as they played 'Aeroplanes'. This was Wesley's favourite game and all you had to do was pick him up and 'fly' him around.

I smiled at them. It was such a sweet sight, Wes was giggling as Will spun him round in the air smiling. It made me happy.

"You know what Wes? I think Ellie feels left out!" Will said,  looking down at me, his famous smirk on his face.

All of sudden, Wes was put onto my lap and we were both hoisted into the air in Will's arms. We all laughed as I screamed at Will, and couldn't help but smile when I heard the brother's laugh. I also noticed how nice Will's arms felt carrying me, feeling his muscles tense. I knew he had a nice body but shit, the guy is buff.

I caught Will looking at Wes and I fondly as he still spun us round, with Wes and I giggling uncontrollably, as I was holding onto Wes making sure he wouldn't fly across the kitchen. Literally. I glanced at Will again, grinning at him.

'What's going on out here?"

Will stopped spinning us, and we looked over to the doorway still giggling, as we saw Ginny and Simon, the boys parents, grinning at us all.

"Hey Mum, Hey Dad" Will smiled, still holding us, at the same time as I said "Hi Ginny, Hi Simon". Will and I glanced at eachother and started grinning again. We were so in-sync.

"Hey guys! Having fun?" They replied, also grinning at eachother for their synchronization.

"Yes!" Wes replied happily.

Will's parents then looked over at me and Will and smirked, giving us a knowing look.

"What?" We asked

"You two are so cute together" Ginny said happily

"Mum!" Will exclaimed

"It's true Son" Simon chipped in

"Oh my" Will sighed.

Well. This is a new topic, I thought to myself, blushing red as they still smirked at us.

A/N: Hey guys! I hope you're liking the story so far! At the moment I am trying to figure out who Ellie is going to end up with, I can't really decide.

Also, I am condsidering changing the title of the book, possibly to 'Literally'. It's a word that seems to be uses quite prominently in this story so I am going to be thinking about this for a little while!

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