Chapter three

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Recap: I yawned and tried to get up but Seth's arm was around me and he was sleeping. I sighed an laid back down, closing my eyes to try and sleep.

I woke up about an hour later feeling a slight breathing on my neck. I rolled over to see but found myself face first in Seth's blonde hair. I smiled and kissed the top of his head lightly, closing my eyes again. His hand moved a little up my waist and I jumped a little bit making him smirk. "Were you awake that whole time?!" I yelled realizing that his face was inches from my chest. He nodded slightly and pushed me off the couch. "Ahhhh!" I yelled as I fell (only about one second) to hear him laugh and sit up. As soon as I hit the ground I started smiling knowing what was coming for him. He started walking to the kitchen when Killer jumped on his back, knocking him over. I started laughing really loud when I saw his terrified face. "Areea! Don't let him eat me!" He yelled in terror. I got up and went over to them. "Killer get off of him." I said and he looked at me and walked away. I helped Seth up and went into the kitchen with him.

"Want some breakfast?" He asked me, looking through the fridge like he has lived here his whole life. "Yes please. I would like some waffles if your able to make them?" I suggested. He smiled and got out some milk and eggs before looking for some pancake mix. "Pancakes instead?" He asked and looked at me to see me shrug. "I'm ok with just a bowl of cereal. My usual breakfast before I got for my walk." I said and walked to the back to let Killer out. I knew he would go into the forest to meet us so I took his collar off and put it on the table. "Nope. We are going to start having real breakfast!" He said with a grin. I walked over to him and watched as he started making the batter. "Who taught you to cook?" I asked while inspecting an egg. He looked at me and frowned a little before telling me. "Stephanie... I kinda lied to you when we met.... My parents didn't kick me out of the house. I was hanging out with some friends and I got home late. My parents were asleep and I guess my mom left the stove on or something. When I got home the house was on fire and my parents were still inside." He said and looked at the batter. A tear slipped out my eye and I moved to hug him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tight, taking him off guard. He hesitated and I felt his body stiffen before he hugged me back. "I'm so sorry Seth." I said sadly. I felt something fall on my shoulder and realized that he was crying. I pulled away and grabbed his hands. "Come with me?" I asked and he nodded before shutting the stove and putting everything in the fridge.

About forty five minutes later we came to a large clearing in the woods. We sat in the middle and I leaned my head on his shoulder watching the birds hop from branch to branch. We were in a peaceful silence when I heard a twig snap behind us. Seth pushed me behind him as he turned around. I looked around him to see a face I hopped I would never have to see again. I looked at him and grabbed the back of Seth's shirt. "Seth that's the guy I was telling you about!" I whispered to him. He straightened his back a little more. "Well isn't this nice? Two lovebirds sitting alone in the woods." He stepped into the clearing and Seth pushed me away from him before stepping closer to Jake. "What do you want?" He snarled at Jake who put a hand on his chest as if Seth's tone hurt him. "I was just coming to see an old friend." He simply stated while glancing at me. "I'm not your friend! Leave us alone!" I yelled at him harshly. I looked past Seth to see Jake had his hand behind his back. I started feeling a little nervous. "What do you want?!" I yelled at him. He smiled and said "I want what I want. Only I know and you will have to try and figure it out. Oh and your little wolf attacked me." He laughed menacingly and started walking away. Seth went to run after him but I grabbed his hand. "Stephanie, let me go! I can take him!" He said and I shook my head a little. "Nick he escaped from jail a few weeks ago. You won't be able to beat him. Did you noti-" his words finally sunk in and I felt my face drain of color. I saw Seth moving away from me before I blacked out and hit the hard ground.

Seth's POV~

That asshole left and Stephanie seemed really scared. The next thing I knew she was unconscious on the ground. I knelt beside her and picked her up, bringing her back to her house. I laid her gently on her bed and sat by her legs waiting for her to wake up. 'Nick what has happened to you?' I asked myself when I heard scratching on the back door. I went down to let Killer in and he ran upstairs into Stephanie's room. Man he is very protective over her. I am too. I mean she's like a sister to me. I feel like family and I don't want her to get hurt. I don't think her dad likes me so I gonna have to work on that. I left Killer with her and went to take a shower before changing and sitting in her room by the door. I just watched her. Man she was beautiful. Her light brown hair reached down to her mid back and her green eyes were just beautiful. I could look into them all day! I noticed her shirt moved up a little and I could see her belly button. I chuckled and went to pull it down. As soon as I touched her shirt she opened her eyes and it took her a few seconds to see clearly. When she saw my hand her eyes opened wide and she slapped me. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" She yelled at me. I held a hand to my cheek and tried to explain. "Your shirt was... It moved up when I put you in bed and I was moving it back..." I said and saw Killer look at me so I moved away a little. He crawled over to her and nudged her hand. "I wouldn't have done anything bad. Especially when you were unconscious!" I said and looked down. I saw a flash of regret flash across her eyes and she stood up and walked over to me. "I'm sorry.." She put a hand on my cheek and looked at it. I winced when she touched just below my eye.

After we got my cut cleaned and bandaged I went downstairs while Stephanie was in bed. I decided to make us our breakfast now since we didn't get to eat this morning. I did my best to make the pancakes round but they turned into weird shapes. I think I managed to get one almost round. After that I poured some orange juice.

Grabbing the tray with our food and drinks on it I carefully walked up the three flights of stairs into Stephanie's room to see her exit the bathroom in shorts and a tee shirt that was to small for her. She had her head down as she dried her hair and I set the food on the bed and waited. When she came over she sat beside me and smiled. "Thanks Nick. You really didn't need to make anything." I laughed. "No it's ok. You need to eat." I toke a fork off the tray and handed her a plate and a small cup of maple syrup. She smiled and thanked me again before eating it greedily. I laughed and ate mine slowly, not feeling very hungry. When we finished eating I brought everything back down and eased it while she sat at the table and watched. "Stephanie after I'm done with this I'm going to go to bed. I'm a little tired." I said, turning my head to look at her. She was sitting at the table with her head in her hand staring at me. I chuckled and walked over to her and I don't think she noticed. I got an idea and went outside quietly to set the sprinklers up. After I turned the water on I went in to see her still sitting staring at the sink (I've only been gone about two minutes). I picked her up, threw her over my shoulder, and ran out. As soon as I picked her up she started yelling at me but I kept yelling. I ran into the sprinklers with her and started laughing at her. I put her down and turned to see Killer jump into my chest, knocking me backward into the ground. I landed in the wettest price of ground and got covered in mud. I could hear Stephanie laughing at me and I smiled. I loved her laugh. I looked at her and held my hand out to her, and when she grabbed it I yanked her down ontop of me. I smiled at her and she held herself up with her hands. I put my hands on her waist and saw her lean down to kiss me. I was just about to kiss her when I heard her dad yell from the door.

(A/N: I know you guys won't notice this because it's already done and I'm posting the whole thing all together so there is no wait. But I had a hard time writing this. Chapter one and two took me about an hour each but this chapter took me forever to write. That's why I am writing it all before uploading it on here, so I don't just stop writing it when I have no ideas. Thanks for reading)

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