Another normal day~

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Chapter 2

Hayley’s POV


I punch my alarm clock with a groan. Why? Why do I have to get up at 6 o clock in the morning?? I hate Mondays....

I was especially tired since I had been up all night consoling Cindy while she cried about her boy problems. That’s why I don’t bother with boys.That guy is dead. I didn’t learn taekwondo for nothing. No one hurts my best friend and gets away with it.

The reason I have to get up so early is because my school is really far away, in the posh side of New York City. Why am I, a mere commoner attending such an elite school? It’s because I’m super smart and they gave me a special scholarship. Yes, I’m really humble.

I get ready, looking at my cute uniform in the mirror. It really is cute unlike the school uniforms of normal schools. I guess when you’re rich things are different.

I took my breakfast. My parents are still asleep but they always get up at the last moment to say goodbye. Just as I said, I could hear them getting up. I had put on my school bag when mom comes and kisses me and dad says “Goodbye” in this sleepy voice that he always has early in the morning. I love my parents, they are just so sweet. I say bye and step out of the door.

I make my way to the subway, and start my way to my awesome school.

Atlast, my stop comes. I go outside and walk toward a huge, beautiful building, that is my school.

I stare at it in awe still not used to it even though I’ve been studying here for a year already. I look at the letters Candersa Academy, on the building in large fancy handwriting.

A limo pulls up near me and a girl with red hair opens the door screaming ”Hayleyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!” and totally destroying my moment of serenity. I smile. I’m not a bit surprised by all of it since this happens everyday.

”Cindyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! How many times have I told you not to scream so loud?”

But I’m happy because if my best friend can greet me like this then everything’s normal and she’s gotten over that sleazeball. She laughs.

“ I dunno, every single time I do that?”

“You never learn” I reply.  “Where’s everyone else?” she asks. “I don’t know. I didn’t see them coming”

“Well, you’re always here the earliest” she says.

“I know. C’mon! Let’s go in!! I’m tired of standing here.” I whine.

We walk in to our school, ready to start another fun day.

Candersa Academy, I’m so lucky I come here.


And chapter 2! WOOHOO! (that rhymed, never mind. WAIT THAT TOO I AM ON A ROLL.)

Ishi here agaiiiiiiiiiiiin so the REAL story starts from ze next chapteeeeeeeer.

So you can think of the first two chapters like a very loooong description or something.

BTW this chapter was written by ME!


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