A small image of life with another in my eyes

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The sad reality that one must face, for benefits of others is cruel, this is life. They say that they have feelings for you, you return it. Later they say the same, but you give no effort to acknowledge this, shrug it off like it never happened, they are hurt, in a last ditch effort they say it one last time, you react as if they are a stranger, like you have never spoken to them before. They are broken, left feeling like they have been hang on wire. Just to be cut down, but there are different aspects, sides of the story, for it felt as a forbidden love. As it was just a plaything, something you can just toy around with and come back to another time, as there was the feeling of it being one sided, when in truth it wasnt. You believe that it would be torture for the other and that it would be better if you were left forgotten then known, since it was like they were from different planets only able to contact once every blue moon, that you would rather they find someone else to be with instead of the ever lasting torture of just seeing, hearing them just once in what seems to be an eternity. This is what makes life cruel, to others a delight. But to me its emptiness

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