Chapter 1

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Kennedy p.o.v.

I was walking down the ramp to finish my rivalry with Layla and start one with Eva? To be honest that didn't make any sense because Eva Marie in my opinion and in a lot of others opinion is not the best competition, she couldn't wrestle if her life depended on it. I went out and my theme song started: "I'm That Flight That you get on international first class seat on my lap girl riding comfortable" I walked down the ramp dancing, I know the dance because I studied the music video. "Ladies and gentleman please welcome Kennedy!" Lillian said in the mic, I smiled to everybody and I waved and I waited as Layla came out with Eva! Ugh pluh-lease couldn't they give me Tamina or someone that can actually wrestle, Layla came in and we looked at each other and then we brawled out and Layla was in control and I tried but Layla would either push me or kick me down and I could hear Eva trashing me right now and that motivated me to gain control and I began too, I punched Layla and gave her drop kick to the face, then I went and I was ready to set her up for my submission move called "Territory" it's kinda like the sharpshooter but one leg on a side and my other leg is on the other side so they can feel more pain, but Eva came on the top ropes yelling stop, so I got up and I went and pulled her by the hair and pushed her down and Layla went and pinned me from behind "1..2..3.. Ding Ding Ding" I was beyond pissed and Eva came in the ring when Layla left and she tried to attack me and I have her one of my moves "Brutal Kick" and I give her a drop kick to the head and then we she turns I give her the Shawn Michaels kick too. And my music played and I walked down the ramp to go to my locker room "Hey" Cody smiled "Hi Cody" I smiled back "You did good" he replied "I lost though" I frowned "hey don't frown, you showed Eva who's boss though" he lifted my chin "Thanks Cody!" I hugged him tight and he hugged me and we stayed in this perfect hug for a minute until someone cleared there throat "Um Roman we weren't doing a-anything" I became nervous "I'm sure you weren't babe" he smiled "Well we gotta go to the ring I have my match against Cody" he smiled that smile is full of lies "Okay, see you out there Cody" I waved to him and I went to the crowd where the shield enter "Your gonna pay tonight" he whispered in my ear chuckling, their theme started Roman only came out with Me, and I walked down the barricade and I joined Jerry, Michael and JBL for commentary "Hello Kennedy!" Michael greeted "Hey Cole" I smiled and I said hi to Jerry and JBL "So how do you feel about Eva Marie attacking you?" JBL bluntly replied "Well! If you watched she just punched me and I remember giving her a brutal kick JBL" I smiled at his response "Where do they hire commentators who can't get their facts right" I whispered in Jerry's ear and we both laughed and then I saw that one of my bruises were showing and Jerry saw he gave me a paper and wrote "what's that bruise from" I wrote on the paper "I fell" he looked at me not believing me one bit, Jerry is like my dad knows when I'm lying and when something is not right. Then I saw Layla trying to flirt with Roman during the match "Excuse me" I said taking off my head set and I pulled her down and gave her a Brutal Kick, and I sat down "That should keep her down for a while" I smiled at them "JBL would you like one? I know how much trouble your having trying to go to sleep" I smiled at him then I saw Roman going for the spear but he went into the steel post and when he got up Cody hit him with the disaster kick and Cody got the win and I went in the ring and I was checking on Roman and he got up and we walked out and I went to my locker room. I just wanted to be alone, then a knock came and I opened it and it was Roman and I quickly gulped down the lump in my throat "Hey babe" he smirked and walked in and closed the door he grabbed me and tied my arms and legs with a rope and tied my mouth with duct tape, he has never done this before and he began to slap me "So you like Cody?" He yelled and he kept slapping me and I just started crying he than began kicking me, punching me repeating and then he said wait here and he came back with Layla "Well since you love to cheat on me, I've been cheating on you with Layla" they both smirked and they began to make out I cried even harder, then they took off each others clothes and began having sex in front if me and I didn't enjoy this one bit and they out on their clothes and they both attacked me and I couldn't do anything! I wanted Cody to save me... But he couldn't and I blacked out

{So how is this chapter? Sorry if its short! I'll try to make em longer! ☺☺ Kennedy}

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