We Go Shopping

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We Went To The Jersey Graden To Go Buy Some new stuff for him So we went to The Nautica Store and Got him a Bunch of Shirts And Socks and a nice jacket Too So the Next Store Whicth Was a Polo Outlit We Got alot of stuff from there Then We Went to Kids foot Locker And i got him alot Of sneakers From there Cause his feet are small And It was Only 70-80 For Each Snaker So I Got Him The Infreded 3s The Gamma 11's The Taxies 12s And a Pair Of Constrcution Tims For the Winter time Then After We Went To Levi's Store I Got Him a Jean Jacket And Alot Of Jeans Then I Went to Go To a Story To Get Him School Stuff That Is Madontory To wear And We went to the Food Court At The Mall And After We went to A Place Were We can Buy Pajamas For him to sleep We Got him new toys So he can play with And we Left The Mall I Carried Him Out I Put Him In His Car Seat And Straped him up And we Drove Off To My House 

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