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Riana Jules | Ri

"You all will have a test next Friday so make sure you study" My English teacher said . Shortly the bell rung and everybody flooded into ​the hallways.

I held on to my notebook as I walked through the crowded hallway. I made it to the cafeteria and took a seat at the table I sit at everyday.

I looked around as everyone sat with their friends and I sat alone once again.  I didn't have any friends because I didn't talk to people.. I didn't trust people folks are weird and I rather just stay to myself and avoid drama.

"Riana !"

I turned my head and seen my cousin waving me over to where she was sitting at.

My eyes roamed the table taking a quick glance at everyone she was sitting with and just smiled and waved back before I turned back around.

I definitely wasn't going over there.

I took my sprite and bag of lays chip out my bag placing them on the table before opening one of my notebooks and started doing my homework.

"Now bitch I know you heard me calling you over there "

I looked up and seen heaven standing in front of me with her bestfriend Isis.

I nodded " I didn't want to go over there "

"And why not?"

" I don't know them and I don't really like your friends except for isis" I said quickly giving her a small smile.

"Hey ri" she waved " and girl ion like her friends neither them bitches annoying"

I chuckled "mhh"

" Well fine we'll just sit ova here den"

"Heaven you don't have to sit with me girl I'm fine"

" I know that but you're my cousin and I like you more than them bitches here I am"

I laugh and watched as her and isis sat down with their food and we all started talking.


I stood out in front of the school waiting for my mother to come pick me up. I held my hand in front of my face trying to block the sun. The parking lot was hectic since everybody was running around tryna get to their rides and meet up with their friends.

I took my iPhone 8+ out my bag and unlocked it finding my mom's contact.

I placed the phone to my ear waiting for her to pick up.

"What you want girl ?"

"Momm it's hot out here where you at ?"

"Girl hush I'm on my way about to pull up to the school right now"

As soon as she said that her black Mercedes came speeding through the entrance blasting music.

I ended the call and fixed my bookbag on my shoulder.

"Ri !"

I snapped my head in the direction of my name being called.

It was just heaven.

"Is that auntie raine?" she pointed walking up to me.

I looked to see my mom's car parked and her on her phone typing away .

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