Chapter 1

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A/N  this is the same as the chapter in my one shots, but I've written enough to make a whole book, I hope you enjoy   

Millie Bobby Brown, probably the quietest, shyest kid in school, few if any friends, not a member of any clubs, no after school activities. To most people she was invisible, the last kid picked in sport, when she was there, the kid no one wanted to partner in class as she never spoke. All she did was sit at the back of the class, hiding beneath her hoodie, writing in her notebook, a brown A5 book with thick, frayed covers. The teachers didn't mind, she wasn't at all disruptive, her work was always immaculate and handed in on time, it was like having to teach one less student and, in their eyes, that was fine by them. The only time it became an issue was during presentation days, but as she never showed up it was brushed under the carpet, the school not wanting to tarnish the record of one of their few perfect students.

Math, Sadie Sink's least favourite class. It wasn't that she was bad at Math, in fact, quite the opposite, she was almost top of the class. No, she hated having to sit next to who she thought of as her nemesis, Peyton Wich, a boy who thought he was god's gift to women, who thought nothing of trying to feel her up when any opportunity arose. He made her shudder.

Today her dream came true, "right class, some of you seem to think it's fine to cheat during tests, write on desks, cause trouble, so I'm changing the seating plan again. If you don't like it..." at this he had to raise his voice over the groans, "if you don't like it, tough."

He put the new plan on the board and everyone except Millie got up to look, searching for their name on the plan. "Hey, why don't you ever have to move?" Peyton called over at her. She didn't look up from whatever she was writing in her book, instead completely ignoring his question. "Hey, I asked you a question...hey!...are you deaf?!" He was getting angry now, having been moved away from Sadie had pissed him off, especially as he'd been assigned to sit next to some fat kid who took up way too much space and would be squashing him against the wall for the rest of the year. He walked over to her and slammed her notebook shut. She paused for a moment, frowning. Carefully placing her pencil down, ensuring it wouldn't roll off her desk, and rearranging the rest of her papers carefully into a neat pile, she stood up slowly. She grabbed her chair from behind her and swung it around with such force that when it connected with him it knocked him clean off his feet, him breaking his nose as he fell against the desk. The class fell utterly silent, they watched as Millie carefully put her chair back down, sat, opened her notebook and went back to writing as if nothing had happened. The class erupted in noise as the teacher tried to sort them out, "Millie Brown, principal, now! Peyton, go to the nurse, Sink go with him, make sure he's ok. Everyone else, sit, now!"

What the fuck? Why the hell do I have to go with this perv? I'm glad someone broke his fucking nose! "God dammit, come on you idiot" said Sadie, dragging him to his feet. As she did so, she looked up and met Millie's eyes. She'd never really even seen her face before, Millie preferring to hide behind her hoodie, but this time Sadie found herself crouching down, as if time had stopped, just staring at her. It didn't help that Millie just stared back. Neither were able, or wanted, to break contact between their locked eyes. "Millie! Principal's office now I said!" repeated the teacher angrily. She looked away, and gathered up her things, sighed and left the room, some of the bolder students clapping on the way out. "Quiet!" roared the flustered teacher, unaccustomed to such disruption, caused by his star pupil no less.

"Ugh, are you actually gonna help me up or what?" Peyton said through his bloody nose.

"Oh, yeah" said Sadie, completely distracted, "here." She helped pull him up to a standing position and as she walked him out the room, he stumbled, clearly on purpose, using it as an excuse to grope her a bit. "Oh, for fucks sake you piece of shit, get off me." She pushed him off strongly, "you can take yourself to the fucking nurse!" With that she stormed off, leaving him stranded in the corridor completely taken aback at her outburst, convinced in his own perverted mind that he'd done nothing wrong. Rounding the corner, she came across Millie emptying her locker out into her bag. "Oh, um, hi" said Sadie, "Millie, isn't it?"

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