Bullying! No Way!!

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So I am posting this speech I had to write for english to show that I'm against bullying. Plus stopbullyingforever wanted to hear it :) Enjoy:

 Bullying – It needs to stop!

By Caitlin Jones

Do you feel strong, strutting around stomping on others’ feelings?! I’m sorry to burst your bubble but being the bully is weaker than the ones being bullied. Good afternoon Miss. Leishman and fellow students, today I am here to discuss bullying and why it needs to stop. Have you ever been bullied? Then you know the feeling. Feeling unwanted, useless, and alone; it’s hard to have these emotions swimming through you. Overpowering you with emotions and yet you can’t do anything. How is it that it’s your own body but there is nothing you can do to stop it? The damage is done, the damage so strong it causes death and mourning through many households of the world today. Statics show that bullying is a growing problem in today’s society, brought on by new ways from cyber to media bullying.

The power to destroy someone’s life is in your hands; in your words. Why would you take the chance to ruin their life?! You may not think at the time that you could mentally damage the victim but you do. Over the years bullying has changed from simple name calling to more evolved types of bullying like cyber. There is no proof that bullying has increased over the year but what have increased are the anti-bullying programs and more people speaking up. Even though they speak up it doesn’t seem to slow down the bullies and they are trying to find more ways to hurt the victims. There are many forms of bullying like name calling, threats, physical fights and cyber.

Coming home after a hard day at school or work, do you feel safe? Don’t! There is a new way of finding you and singling you out without even being in contact with you. Jumping on Facebook for a good chat with an old friend; you get on and notice a notification. Your heart skips a beat, usually you are unnoticed, you click on it and a picture of you pops up; some has written on it. “You are an ugly pig, why would you post this photo when you look hideous. If I looked like you I would die!” You sit there silently and let the tears run down you cheek, maybe you might do what they say and die. Cyber bullying is the latest way for bullies to attack their victims and mentally damage them. This new form of bullying is growing with the latest technology; this form of bullying has caused many people mostly teenagers to comment suicide. Most online sites have had many attacks of bullying found spread across their sites – recently Facebook shut down ‘the most beautiful teen contest’ from the massive amount of bullying on photos people posted. The comments made varied between things like "her nose is too big" to "I would not touch that with a ten foot pole." Comments like this were reported to help commit the suicide of German model Claudia Boerner after people started attacking her mail with comments on her appearance when she appeared on a cooking show.

You may not know at the time but watching shows and movies influences as to do things that are barbaric and selfish. Take for example ‘Mean Girls’ the title is self-explanatory. Let me give you a brief description: a new girl tries to fit in but the ‘popular’ girls make it hard and her new friends help her with revenge. Why revenge?! Doesn’t that just make you a bully yourself?! “Calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter. And ruining Regina George's life definitely didn't make me any happier. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you” – are the exact words that Cady said when she realized revenge wasn’t a good solution. Bullying doesn’t make you stronger it just makes you hide behind more words and actions you have done, it will eventually come back and haunt you.

Bullying surrounds us every day of our lives. That person sitting next to you is getting bullied for being smart, that woman across the room has had workmates torment her every week, that guy walking over there has been putting down this one guy because of how he wears his hair, and that girl over there is getting sent threating messages. There are more than half of us in the world who has experienced either the receiving or sending side of bullying. Why do it?! It doesn’t make you stronger nor wiser but it makes you weaker; it makes you hide behind words and actions that you could regret. So before you hit the send button and before you speak up think about what might happen to the person on the receiving line. Your words might be the last they ever hear.

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