dumbledore has crabs - the movie trailer

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this is for jess who likes saying dumbledore has crabs i stole ur facebook photo for the cover im sorry this will make up for it

hello my name is albus dumbledore and i have a little problem ........ you know.......... you dont? yes i have a little problem down below.......... with that area........

i have a few little friends down there and i name them all. i have one called harry potter one called ron weasley and one called susan boyle. yes ladies these are my crabs!

dobby likes my crabs very much and i love him just as much as i love my crabs dobby is my world though it is quite close because i love my crabs too

theres just one more thing i gottar say to you

dumbledore has crabs


shut up crabs, im trying to sleep

owwwwwwwwwwww my willy

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