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BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My annoying alarm clock went off. I groaned, and turned it off. I got out of bed, and went to my bathroom. I washed my face, and brushed my teeth. After I did that, I picked an outfit out. I wore a P!ATD, shirt and black, skinny, jeans. I put on my black converses, and went back to the bathroom to do my makeup. My lip was busted from, my dad. I sighed, and did my natural makeup routine. I straightened my hair, and finally I was finished. The bus was going to come in about 15 minutes.

I spent those few minutes, on my phone. "ALICE YOI BETTER GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE, THE BUS IS COMING!" My dad yelled. I sighed, and grabbed my bag and went downstairs. "Why do you dress like a slut?! Put some clothes on, you disgusting whore." He said. I tried to hold back my tears. I just had a t-shirt and jeans on, how is that slutty? I left, and sat down on the pavement. Soon the bus arrived.

*skip bus ride*

I arrived at hell, and walked off the bus with my friend Kylie. I dreaded walking in. I went to my locker, and there was Dan and his friends. His friends were jerks, like him. "Geez Alice, you sure do eat a lot!" He said laughing. His friends laughed as well. His friend Phil, however didn't. I rolled my eyes, and got my books for Algebra. "When's the last time you weighed yourself?" He asked. "Leave me alone Dan." I said. "Like to see you make me." He said smirking. I just walked away from him. The bell was going to ring in about 5 minutes, so I went to talk to my friend.

"What did he say this time?" She asked. "He said I was fat." I said sighing. "Is he blind? You are not fat!" She said. "Thanks." I said. She smiled. The bell rang, and I told her goodbye and went to my first class. I sat down, in my seat which of course was beside him. "What's up loser?" He asked. I ignored him, and hoped that the rest of the class would hurry up. "You need to get your nose checked out, look how crooked it is!" He said laughing. "Really? That's all you got?" I asked. He looked at me surprised. I usually just ignored him, but I was fed up with him.

"Ya know, your just a loser. No body likes you, and the friends you have feel sorry for you. So give up and go die." He said harshly. Phil, my other best friend, came to the scene. "Dan, your just mad because you know a beautiful, talented, sweet, girl like Alice won't date you." He said. Dan laughed. "Your one of the friends who feel sorry for her." He said. Phil just grabbed my arm and we left. I pulled away from his grip.

I stormed over to Dan. "Listen here you fuckboy I'm done with your shit. You've treated me so bad this year, for no fucking reason and I'm tired of it!" I screamed. I slapped him. He looked  at me shockingly. The I saw sadness in his eyes. He mumbled something, but I didn't hear it. I stormed off. I'm leaving I can't be here.

~time skip~

When I made it home, my dad wasn't there. I ran to my room. I cried. Why am I alive? Maybe Dan was right. I heard the door open. Hopefully it was a murderer coming to kill me. Nope. It was Phil. He ran to my and held me. "Alice, I talked to Dan...and the reason why he bullied you all this time is because he takes his anger out on you instead of his abusive Dad." He said. I looked up at him. "Oh.." I said. Phil didn't know that my dad abused me. "Yeah maybe you should talk to him." He said.

"Maybe I should.."

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