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Jessabelle- Hey, is this Emerald? Kat's friend?

Unknown- This isn't Emerald this is Dom

Jessabelle- Oh i'm so sorry! I didn't mean to message you

Dom- it's okay honestly, what's your name

Jessa- Are you a mass murderer?

Dom- No I am not

Jessabelle- How can I trust you?

Dom- do you trust me?

Jessabelle- Yes! #Aladdinmoments

Dom- Do you really trust me?

Jessabelle- Should I?

Dom- We don't know each other well so no not yet at least

Jessabelle- Well I'm just going to take a leap of faith, My name is Jessica my friends Call me Jess, Jessie, Jessy. And my cousin Emerald calls me Jessabelle like the movie

Dom- My name is Dominic my friends call me Dom

Jessabelle- Nice to meet you Dom

Dom- Nice to meet you Jess

Jess- What's your job?

Dom- What's yours?

Jess- I asked first

Dom- don't freak out but I'm an actor

Jess- well I want to be a actress, singer or a author like Cassandra Clare. My favorite author.

Dom- how old are you?

Jess- I am 24, hbu? You may be an actor but doesn't mean I will immediately know who you are

Dom- 26

Jess- Only actor I can think of that is 26 and has the name Dominic is ... Dominic Anthony Sherwood?

Dom- So you do know me

Jess- not very well, I just know what Google has told me

Dom- then what do you know?

Jess- Height- 5'11 Born- February 6, 1990 in Royal Tunbridge Wells United Kingdom Nationality- English/ British Has been in- Not Fade Away, Billionaire Ransom, Vampire Academy and Shadowhunters- Currently my Favorite show right now David Castro's Birthday i the day after yours

Dom- How do you know all that? How do you know Davis Castro's Birthday?

Jess- My sister is friends with him so we are kinda close and I look for the birthday's of my favorite actors.

Dom- Wow okay, well I need to go to bed. I have to go to set tomorrow

Jess- Hope I didn't scare you off, I want to be friends with you. You seem pretty cool

Dom- You didn't scare me and you seem pretty cool. Goodnight

Jess- Goodnight

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