An Unexpected Winter Storm

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An Unexpected Winter Storm

by Nicole Wilder

When I left Florida, the sun was shining, the flowers were 

blooming, and the water was warm. But I knew it was time for me 

to leave and head home to Michigan. I missed being home. All 

I could think of was getting there as fast as I could. It had been 

six months since I had seen my family. I chose to get my degree 

in Florida for fun and sun, though sometimes all I wanted to do 

was to go home. People flocked to Florida during spring break to 

escape the cold. I was fleeing Florida in place of the cold. 

So two days ago, I packed up my things and headed home. I 

knew in Michigan driving could sometimes be a risky proposition 

at the beginning of April, but I chose to go anyway. I had an 

extra week off, and two weeks would give me plenty of time to see 

everyone. I just hoped the weather would hold out long enough for 

me to get there.

Once inside Ohio with only had a few hours left to drive, the 

wind grew stronger as nasty dark clouds rolled in and the temperature 

dropped rapidly. The outside temperature gauge read twentyfive 

degrees. The wind blew so hard it was difficult to control my 

car, and I worried it would get too bad to get home as quickly as I 

had planned.

Then snow began to fall.

At first it was small, steady flakes which quickly grew into 

heavy, thick flakes. As the wind grew faster, it was harder to see 

and it wasn't long before the roads were snow covered, making it 

hard to see where my lane was. I was the only car around. If anything 

happened, I was on my own.

Slowly I drove down the freeway, thinking soon I would have 

to get off the interstate to the safety of a hotel. But I couldn't quite 

convince myself I needed to. I flipped on the radio to find any 

weather report I could. Nothing seemed to indicate it would get 

really bad. I thought if I could just get out from under the dark 

clouds, the weather would be better. I kept flipping from station to 

station to see if there were any weather updates, instead finding a 

late broadcast of an earlier weekend car race. I didn't know why 

they were rebroadcasting it, and I didn't care. I paused to see where 

my favorite driver Kyle Mitchem was, hoping he didn't crash out. 

I got my love for racing from my family, especially my dad.

Kyle was fairly new to the racing scene. No one in my family liked 

him but me. He was pretty hot-headed, but a real go-getter-he 

knew what he wanted and went after it. There seemed to a sweet 

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