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The snow fell lightly as the week ended. Jamie, sitting upside down in a arm chair watching the outside world. A baggy blue sweatshirt was pushed up to her chest from gravity. She wore a Jurassic park shirts under it, the shirt also bunched up, showing her stomach. Her arms where outstretched in front of her on the brown ottoman. Long brown hair spread out around her head.

Her men's basketball shots where scrunched up almost to the top of her thighs. Feet with fuzzy blue socks hung on the back of the also brown chair.

Her green eyes slowly blinked, boredom clearly painted on her face.

The compound wasn't the funnest place to be, especially when your best friends are out saving the world from who knows what.

At this point none of them will be able to enjoy Christmas, due to all the pointless missions they have been sent on.

Jamie was the only one, not a single soul was there. Only if you count Friday who was a disembodied voice. But she only had direct answers and didn't help in any conversation Jamie wanted.

Groaning, she rolled off the chair onto the floor, a loud thud as she did so. Crawling to her feet she walked over to one of the various doors.

"Friday, how cold is it?" She asked as she pulled on a blue shield parka, snow pants,boots, and gloves.

"30 degrees Fahrenheit, Miss Emerald"

"Thank you Friday.." she opened the door and stepped into the foot of crunchy snow.

A smile appeared on her face, her six year old self, showing through her 24 year body. Waking farther into the snow covered yard she fell onto her back, a puff of snow danced into the air as her body landed on it.

Giggling she dug her blue mittens into the frozen water, throwing up. Making it fall onto her stomach.

The low rumbling of a jet, than a grey shape hovers over her, making snow fly and cover her completely.

"TONY!!" She threw her hand up, shaking her fist.

The jet flew away and parked in the near by hanger.

She sat there, knowing the team will come, wading, through the snow.

And they did

Steve hade his helmet off and his shield clamped to his back, Tony was wearing a expensive jacket, Natasha and Clint wore Shield jackets. Sam and Wanda wore their own personal jackets. And Barnes, he just stood there, a light black jacket with one sleeve gone from his metal arm.

Each had a different face, Tony was laughing, Steve was very amused along with Clint,Nat,Wanda and Sam. Bucky had a blank face, as usual.

Jamie was buried in snow, her face was the only part visible. Jamie glared at Tony, her mind picturing him being zapped by little lasers.

Wanda slightly laughed at the picture.

"I will get you Stark..." Jamie said from under the snow

Tony just started to laugh harder, not noticing Jamie clawing her way out of the icy tomb. A ball of snow gripped in her hand.

Tony gathering his breath, looked up, a cold and wet ball smacked into it. Startling him, he fell backwards slightly. Laughter was herd from the group, Tony upset, grabbed snow and checked at the group, starting a war.

Bucky started to walk back to the door as the others acted like children.

He honestly thought he could sneak away.

"HEY YOU!" The voice came from behind him, turning he was knocked off of his feet by a female figure.

He rolled in the snow, the woman holding onto his back.

Something freezing made contact with his bare back, making him jump to his feet and shooting his hand up the back of his jacket and shirt.

His face was raw surprise, his blue eyes wide and his mouth open as the cold was still stinging his back.

"Thought you could escape huh?" More snow was dumped onto him.

Spinning around, he faced the voice, Jamie was tossing a snow ball in her hand. He started hopping in effort to get the snow out of his shirt. But only caused more to fall down.

"What's wrong? The winter soldier is cold?" She teased, throwing the snow onto his chest.

His eyes narrowed at the shorter woman in front of him, picking up snow in his metal arm she tossed it sideways, making a line of snow fly towards Jamie. Helping in surprise, she blocked her face as the snow hit.

She picked up another snow ball and pulled back her arm ready to launch it at Bucky's face.

"Okay that's enough, let head inside before we get sick" Steve said as the other sighed and followed. Bucky sighed in relief as Steve saved his life from being described by a snowball.

Jamie huffed, walking after them.

The snowball siting lightly on the snowcap.


Once again she sat, laying across the couch. Her back propped up by a festive pillow. A mug of hot coco was resting in her hands. She stared at the marshmallows, watching them float.

Suddenly her legs where lifted than rested onto something different.

Looking up she saw Bucky, he wore grey sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt.

His eyes met her's

"Hey you..."


Merry Christmas🎄

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