Chapter 21 ~ Bothersome ~

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I finally finished this chapter! Can I get some 'yay's'? It's longer than most, so that should please you guys.

The twins are doing really well, I believe they're both almost or are 4 pounds each. :) They got my brothers nose, long toes, and dishwater blonde hair. They got their mother's hands. I'm really hoping they get my brothers eyes cuz they're a chocolatey brown, but they're beautiful babies all the same. :)

I apologize for any mistakes in this chapter. Not really sure if I got some of the details right, but hopefully you guys will like it all the same after a long wait.

Rue <3

Chapter 21 ~ Bothersome ~

The gift stayed hidden under my pillow for weeks after he had given it to me. I couldn't bring myself to open it. I was fine with never opening it, but I knew that Master Carthwrite was waiting; watching.

Adelaide left a few days after the fight that Blake and her had. I couldn't say that I completely missed her, but I did miss her reprimanding him when he spoke unkindly to the guards.

He rarely sent me out with them for errands and kept me busy enough that I never had a lot of time to talk to them. Maybe it was because I spent all my free time with them or that I hadn't opened the gift.

Every morning I went in for errands he would stare at me, as if waiting for me to say something. Though, he never once hinted to it.

“What's that?” My eyes fluttered up from the gift I was examining in my hands to Meena. Wearily, I motioned her to sit down on the bed beside me.

“It's a gift from Master Carthwrite.” She made a face at his name. After he yelled at her for trying to stay with me while I worked, she hated him and avoided him at all costs.

“He gave you a gift?” Her nose wrinkled as she stared at it. Sometimes I wondered if she was eight instead of five.

“Yeah, on Christmas. I just....haven't opened it yet.” The frown on my face became more prominent as I glared at it.

“He probably gave you a punishment card.” I let out a snort, trying to cover my laugh, remembering how Master Carthwrite tried to get Mr. Crowley to make her a punishment card for every time she did something he didn't like.

“Meena, he wouldn't give me a punishment card. He would punish me on the spot.” She rolled her eyes and sighed.

“You should open it.”

“But what if it's a punishment card?” I smiled teasingly. She stuck her tongue out at me before holding up Pickles.

“Pickles says that you should open it.” She mimicked a deep voice, “Open it!” I laughed at her attempt at sounding even the slightest as a man.

“He said to 'open it', so I guess that means I have to open it.” I told her with a smile. Slipping the green ribbon off the box, I slowly tore the matching green wrapping, tossing them to the side.

“It's...a white box.” Meena said lamely. Rolling my eyes, I took the cover off and found a piece of paper inside. “What's it say?!” She asked excitedly. I smiled at her enthusiasm before reading it out loud.

“This card is yours to keep. It has no limit. You can buy anything you want as long as it isn't a phone, computer...ect. I asked Patrica to take you to the store sometime, so have her schedule it for sometime after appointments. I hope you'll learn to like it here. Merry Christmas, Master Carthwrite.” My fingers gripped the piece of paper tightly.

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