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It's been a month since James and I split and I can't stop thinking about him. Not necessarily because I'm still in love with him, I don't even know if I was in love to begin with, but because I realized he screwed up. He made me break up with him. He kept pushing me away, he would NEVER be on time and he would constantly be on his phone instead of having a nice conversation with me. It wasn't fair for me to continue on with this madness. I already had enough stress in my life, I wasn't going to stress over my short and cooky boyfriend. Yes he was insanely short. 5'6 to be exact. I just think I deserve better. I remember clearly the day I broke it off.

James was driving, I was next to him on the passenger seat. He was wearing his cooky and arrogant looking ray bans and I was wearing the exact same cooky and arrogant ray bans. He gave them to me for Christmas. I know, what the fuck. Who gives sunglasses as a Christmas gift? Only James. Only James.

Anyway, he was driving with only one hand on the wheel and the other intertwined with mine. I bit my lip unsure of what I was going to say next. I couldn't just say I wanted to break up, I had to be more explaining. "You know what we should do for your birthday?" He said turning the car to the left. "We should go to my family's beach house back in Miami. You can invite Shannon and her boyfriend..ugh what's his name? Jim?" Ugh, Jim. Is he serious? It's Jacob you twat. And I can't believe he didn't pay attention when I told him he cheated on Shannon. "Jacob. And I can't really invite him since they broke up like three weeks ago." I kept looking at the window. I hated making eye contact with James. He had gorgeous eyes. Better than mine. "Oh right you told me when we went to the park. And we had incredible sex that day." I rolled my eyes. I was ready to tell him. Not just because I was already so annoyed at him but because we were getting closer to my house and I didn't want to walk there. He owed me that. "Actually I don't think I'll invite Shannon because I don't think I'll go since I wanna break up with you. And I think that's what I'm doing..?"

I was never insecure with my words so when I told him that, I felt incredibly good about myself. "What the fuck. What the fucking fuck Kat. You know I should be breaking up with you right? After all you put me through. Fuck you!" I had never seen James so angry. It was rewarding. I wanted him angry. After all, I was so angry and annoyed by this relationship, I'm glad we felt the same way about something.

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