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Hey everyone!

Glad you could come!

So like the title says this is for "Book Reviews"

And we cant wait to read all of your amazing stories!

Its going to be great!

Now lets get to some rules and the payment.


1. Form must be 100% complete before review can be done (Form in next chapter)

2. Payment must be finished before review may be started

3. You must be patient with the reviewers, we all have lives

4. Don't message us constantly asking when your review will be done.

5. Be respectful

6. Dont throw a temper tantrum just because you dont like our review, were here to be honest and put our honest opinion into the nicest way possible. So know in no way are we trying to hurt you or be rude

7. When your given a reviewer please dont ask to change

8.Dont bully or hate on each other

9. Dont come ere expecting a sugar coated review. expect an honest one :)

And please ask us anything about our review if you have any confusion whatsoever dont be afraid to ask :)


- Follow This Account

- Follow your reviewers Main account (Reviewers in the next chapter)

- Give this account a shoutout on your message board

Easy! I really hope you guys have fun and i just want u to know your amazing!- Olivia

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