Fallen Memories - 13

Colton paced, hands clasped loosely behind his neck. Outside, the sun began making its peak, casting burnt orange rays over Maine. I sat up in my bed, covers jammed in around my legs. My tongue, swollen from having been bitten, sat heavily in my mouth behind bruised lips. I’d made an attempt to tame my twig-infested hair, to no avail on my part. I left it the way it was--a wild, unruly mess of ebony waves sprouting out all over my head.

Ivy,” Colton said slowly, deliberately. By the firmness in his tone, I knew he expected the full of the story--no lies or cover ups. I wasn’t quite sure why he doubted my drive to tell him the full story of what had happened; I readily intended to lay it out for him from start to finish. Starting with the dream I had invaded.

I closed my eyes, playing back the night in a sequence of slides.

“When you left, I had plans to smoke Adam out. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to eclipse his dream and confront him. I demanded to know why he’d held me at knifepoint Monday night, when I’d revisited one of your memories.” A stab of guilt clenched my heart.

Colton’s expression shifted as he came to an abrupt halt. His hands fell from his neck, coming to hang by his sides in loose fists.

“Mind elaborating?” Seeing the shock on his face was enough to throw the switch. I’d thought, originally, that pursuing Adam on my own would lead to answers and eventually, we’d be able to solve this entire mess.

But Adam was a Nephil. A ruthless, merciless and overall dangerous Nephil. Being Nephilim, he had the upperhand. He had the advantage of immortality, power and a facade of fearlessness. Solely, I was no match for him. Colton, being an angel, also had an advantage on me. More so on Adam, but to me as well. If anything, I should’ve been eager to pair up. Going into this alone was a big mistake. There was no way I’d ever be able to take down Adam on my own. Let alone any other Nephilim or fallen angel. Despite their racial differences, both were all-powerful, invincible and unstoppable.

“I thought that if I went after Adam, maybe I’d find some answers myself and save you some legwork.”

“Why Adam?” Colton’s eyes flashed; a smoky mixture of confusion and anger swirling in his gray irises.

Frustrated myself, I tightened my hands into fists. “Adam Letherby,” I snapped. “Doesn’t the name ring a bell?”

“He went by a different last name when I knew him.” Colton’s voice cooled. “I’m not sure why he would enroll in Brunswick under his surname. My question here is: why is Adam ranking number one on your suspect list?”

Shimmering in the back of my mind was a montage of old memories; derived from Colton’s memories. They were his memories to begin with. Ones I’d revisited, somehow, while in that dream with him Sunday night. Slowly, they trickled back like a steady flow of rainwater running downstream. In no particular order, short-lived memories of Colton, Adam and Marcus replayed in my head as I recalled them. A sleek, black van pulling up to a curb. Adam and Marcus discussing Colton’s death as Colton passed over to the other side.

Adam and Marcus pursuing me. The sound of a gunshot.

“Adam’s not as innocent as you peg him to be,” I told Colton. “Somehow, a collection of my memories are in the memory pool stored in that necklace of yours. It’s hard to remember clearly now, but I faintly remember Adam chasing me with a handgun. And in one of your memories, Adam waiting for you as you passed over.”

Colton’s jaw jumped.

“Ivy, Adam and Marcus are good friends of mine. They’d probably been alerted of my death and wanted to see what I had to say about it.” A hard smile touched his lips.

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