Chapter 6: Last Goodbyes

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You all sat in the hospital room. All crowded around a bed in which a loved one lies. Carlos, Logan, and James were all there to give you support. Kendall recently got in a bad car accident on the way to the studio. He broke his nose, two ribs, and he lost a lot of blood from the gash in his forehead from the shattered windshield.

You couldn't help but sob at the sight of him. He looked so broken. Kendall was on oxygen because the damage to his ribs made it hard for him to breathe. You were currently holding his right hand with your left, rubbing the back of his scratched hand. You cry even harder when you see the beautiful ring Kendall had bought you when he proposed on your five year anniversary.

James was currently rubbing your back and whispering comforting words letting you know that Kendall will be fine and make it through, but the three boys had their doubts and knew it would take a while for him to recover.

Moments later the EKG showed that Kendall's heartbeat was slowing down. Logan quickly called the nurses in. Seconds felt like minutes, but the nurses finally arrived. The doctor told you all that you had to leave. You refused and yelled for Kendall to wake up, but it was no use; he didn't budge. Carlos and Logan pulled you out knowing that you wouldn't leave until Kendall was stable. Passing nurses asked if you were ok but you wouldn't stop throwing a tantrum. They reluctantly left to tend to other patients.

The boys took you down to the waiting room and started to sing to you, hoping it would calm you down. You stopped yelling and your sobs turned into a few tears. You were so focused on Kendall that you didn't notice the pounding headache you had. Time was ticking and all you could think of was if your fiancé would be alright. After what felt like hours, the doctor comes out with a look that concerned you. He gives you the news that you have been dreading. You break into violent sobs as the doctor gives his sincere apologies. James, Carlos, and Logan take you out of the hospital knowing that if you saw Kendall you'd surely break down even more than you already have. Nothing could amount to the pain and sorrow that you have in your heart, knowing there was nothing you could do to save him.

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