The funs about to begain

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Isn't this party awesome Crystal shouted over the loud music. Come on! Rachel you need to get into the spirit! Megan laughed as she danced on the dance floor. So what you broke up with Daniel, Doesn't mean you cant have any fun Chris complained. Leave her alone Chris. She doesn't have to do anything if she doesn't want too Frinnichy sighed . I smiled at him. Thanks, but I Think Ill just go out for some fresh air guys. I went for the door before they could replay. We may have broken up, but I still loved him dearly. He was the first person. I truly let to know the real me beside my friends. I let my mind wander to the memories of him. Closing my eyes as I felt the wind hitting me in the face. You shouldn't have left the party. My eyes shot open. Turning around to see a paled face man with a bloody stain hoodie behind me. I watched him wearily as I slowly took a few steps back to put enough distance between us. The man only chuckled at my reaction. Its Time You Go To Sleep! he screamed as he pulled out a large kitchen knife. Dashing away before he could strike at me. See Ma the parkour classes were useful I told myself as I contuied to run. This isn't time to joke! RUN! my consions cried. Running until my lungs burned for the need of air. stupid Asthma my mind thought. I quickly scaned my surroundings for the white stained hoodie. Feeling a smile appear on my face at seeing no sigh of it . How interesting, You were able to make Jeff lose your trail laughed a voice insanely behind me. I turned around to see a clown only standing inches away from my face. H..How c...ould he gotten so close without me hearing him my mind raced looking for the answers. Don't worry I wont kill you yet laughed the clown. What are you doing here LJ ordered a voice I heard moments ago. I froze in fear. I'm standing between two psychos, Who want me dead. My mind shouting at me to move, to run, to get away, but my legs wouldn't move. I could only listen to them arguing until my sight turned black. Hearing that psycho's laughter.


HAHA laughed Lj as he caught the unconsise girl into his arms. She's My KILL cursed Jeff at the laughing clown. Sorry no can do Jeffry laughed Lj. Mr. Creepypasta wants her alive for the time being. What, Why does he want with the human argued Jeff. To see if she could survive us all, like she did against him LJ stated laughing. IMPOSABLE NO HUMAN GETS AWAY! THAT SHIT IS ONLY A RUMOR raged Jeff at LJ. Rumors, no one has except for her Lj stated without an once of laughter in his voice. Jeff's eyes widen. Lj was rarely serious and how...this human be... the one that got away. Shes only a te- Would mean she was only a little child when she gotten away intrupded Lj. Jeff was lost for words for once in his life. Don't just stand there Jeffry, We gotta get going Lj laughed.


I jerked up from the bed as I awoke. Ughh my head was killing me. I searched my surroundings. To find myself in bare room with a flickering light as my only form of a light source. Shuting my eyes to calm my heart. I need to think rashanly I told myself. Slowly getting off the bed. Checking the small brown drower to find a flashlight with a few batteries for it. Placing two of the batteries inside the flashlight and the rest quickly into my pocket. I turned the nomb to find it lock. Damn It I whispered to myself. Taking my favorite panda pin I smiled. No its not time to think about the past my mind scolded me. Placing the pin into the nomb. Twisting and turning it until I heared it click. I placed the pin back in my hair as I opened the door to a long hallway. Seeing no other path I could take I begain walking quietly down the hall of this place. Passing some doors as I walked its hallways, but one for some reason caught my attention. Placing my hand on the nomb. twisting it. Surpprised to see it was open. The room had a white and black stripe background. In the center of the room was a small table with a bowl full of candy. My stomach grumbled. Telling me that I needed to eat, but something inside me was telling not to eat the candy. Standing there for what felt like hours. I decided to take to some of the candy with me. I may not be able to eat it, but feeling that it'll come in handy. I left the room quickly. Closing the door behind me. Not wanting to over stay my welcome. I may not know why or where I was, but I knew enough at the same time. Rule one-Keep moving, Rule two-See if theres any one here, Rule three- Find something edable to eat, and lastly Rule four- Getting out of here. I contuied to walk and check some of the rooms that caught my eye. One looked like a a little girl's room, while another had a green background with different game systems scattered around the room. Finding some items that may come in handy. I quickly huddled into the corner. Hearing voices coming up the stair case. I thanked the gods that the corner I was hiding in was pitch black. Biting my lips as the voices grew closer. I wonder if she awakened yet chimed a childish voice. CALM DOWN SALLY! shouted a boy, who was dressed in a cosplay costume of Link. Well I'm going to check anyway replaied the little girl named Sally. The boy rolled his eyes as the little girl skipped away down the halls. Thinking right now was my chance to escape without him noticing me. Slowly getting up from the corner. Leaning against the wall as I passed by him, but I didn't notice the boy turning back in my direction until it was to late. Staring at him like a deer caught in the headlights as a dark smile appeared on his face. So your awake human he said in a dark voice filled of disgust. I stayed silent as I took quick glances to the staircase to make sure no one else was coming behind me. Cat got your tounge he snickered as I gripped the bat harder. The boy lunged at me. Smacking him with the bat; I tried to get away. Stopping when I heard him get up and speak. YOU SHOULDNT HAVE DONE THAT as he lunged for me again. Knocking me to the ground. I tried shaking him off me as he chucked Game Over. Quickly shoving some of the candy into his mouth I heard a voice whisper in my head. Having no other option I did as the voice told me to. Shoving a piece of candy quickly into his mouth. Forcing him to swallow it. His eyes widen at me before falling unconscious. Pushing the unconscious boy off me to see his face. He had blood dripping down his face from his eyes and the costume look as if it wasn't really a costume. Stopping myself before I got closer. Remaining myself what was going on. I quickly grabbed the bat as I made my way down the staircase. Checking the sides before even considered entering the rooms. Stopping as I entered the kitchen. My stomach grumbled even more. Checking the fridge to find things I rather not think about. Taking out the only edible looking thing, which was a cheesecake. I quickly cut a piece of it with a kitchen knife. Eating the slice quickly. Scared to think if someone saw me. When I finished. I placed everything back into its place except for the kitchen knife. Thinking it might be useful if I lose the bat or bare wire I thought. I slowly twirled the bare wire around the bat. Ducking as I past the hallway near the living room. That laughing clown was there with a very pale woman, who had long black hair. Were they talking about me. I was only able to make out a few words they were saying. My heart began to race. I might get caught if I stay here listening on them I scolded myself. Slowly crawling behind the couches and hopping they were to busy with there conversion to notice me. I finally let myself breath as I passed the living room. Able to see a little bit of light coming behind the door. I slowly touched the handle. I didn't stop to think as I dashed through the wooden doors. running until my legs were feeling numb. I will not cry. I didn't cry since I was seven, but I could feel them wanting to come down. I rubbed my eyes as I continued to run through the woods

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