Chapter Four: Nick

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I began to get worried about Jesse and Nick, so I called Mathew.
"Hello?" It was Jesse.
"Hi its Winter" I say quietly trying not to wake the others.
"Where are you?"I asked
"Outside...on the porch"
I hung up and opened the door for him. I smiled..
"Hey" he said, he sounded blank.
"You okay?" I asked
"What do you mean?" I thought for a moment. "Where's Nick? What-what's going on?"
"Nothing" he said and walked off he slammed the door in my face.

I stood for a sec then took after him.

"Jesse? Jesse?" I shouted.

I ran down the street and Jesse was no where to be found.
But Nick, he was standing in the middle of the street staring again.

The only things that went through my mind was Jesse, and Nick glitchy.

He said nothing.
"Are you okay?" I asked
He stepped forward a few steps.

I heard footsteps behind me. I swiftly turned around to see an unfamiliar face. I walked backwards and ran into Nick, shivers went up my spine. I quickly ducked out of in between them and backed into our driveway.

"Winter?" Lila said tiredly from behind me.
"Lila, go inside" I demanded
"Lila I'm sorry but I'm confused and scared and I just don't want you to get hurt so please go inside with Matt!"
"Did somebody say my name?" asked Matt.
"Oh my god! just go inside!"
"Let's go" said Matt and guided her inside.

I looked at Nick and the other kid.

"Nick, are you alright?"
He said nothing
"Nick, please!"
He still just stared blankly
"Please just say something!"
He put his hand on my shoulder.

"Nick?" I say terrified.
Confused, I just sat there. But then I heard a, voice from Down the street.
"Get your hands off of her!"
I looked over to see Jesse running down the street
"When did you get here?" I ask under my breath as he continued to run.

The guy standing next to Nick turned in Jesse's direction when Jesse got close, he threw out a fist and flat out punched Jesse.

He fell to the ground.

"Jesse! You jerk! You will pay for what you did!" I shouted. Matt

The guy who punched Jesse just shoved him aside like he was just another fly. Matt didnt give up he just kept trying to attack the guy by Nick. He attacked Matt, big time. Punching him, kicking him, I couldn't move.

"Oh my god." I say under my breath.

Nick grabbed my wrist and with one large motion he pulled it up over his head causing one of my feet to be lifted from the ground. The other foot was strongly planted on the ground to keep balance.

Jesse rolled onto his back "Winter?" he said in a pained voice.

I tried to pull away from Nick's grip. but he just gripped it tighter

"Jesse, its gonna be okay" I say trying to hold a smile it wasn't easy though.

In another big motion I pulled away from Nick and quickly punched the other guy. My punch made him go back a few steps but there not the only thing that happened. He stood shocked. Nick did too.

I looked at Nick who was standing with a scared look on his face. He turned to the other guy.

"Ian?" he said. so, his name is Ian.
"Yeah?"said Ian. "You alright?"
I looked over at Jesse and Matt who were both lying on the ground. I walked over to them and starred. I tremmbled in my shoes, as I heard Lila's quiet footsteps behind me.

"Winter?" she asked worriedly "Are they okay?"

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