under the sea academy

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#diary entry#

OMG!!!!! i can not beleive it!!! i made it in to the academy!!! well, it might have something to do with my dad being the headmaster...oh well no one will know!!!



another year at the academy. new little brats that think they outrank me. dont worry ill put an end to them quick...

i closed my diary and opened my suitcase. as i go through a checklist in my head my phone starts buzzing. it was flotsam.

"hey just finisshed packing do u think jetsam will notice me thisss year?"


man, flotsam realy had to get the S button fixed on her phone. iv always pityed flotsam and her sad love life. she was also my best friend. too bad she doesnt know- i drop my fone and start looking around as i realize it wasnt around my neck. my hand always goes back to were it lays on my neck, but it wasnt there! my room is soo huge its hard to search! i ducked my head under my desk, the last possible spot for it to be, and see it. i breathed a sigh of relief and pick up the swirling shell. i craddeled it in my hand and moved to one of my many mirrors as i tie it around my neck as i analized my outfit. a dark navy colored dress with a purple shaw and gray fishnets with green high-top converse. yup, definetly says junior. i then picked up my suitcase and my purse, dropped my phone in my purse, and headed out of my room, but not without looking at myself one last time. man, was i ready for this year!

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