Louis imagine: you have to hold it back

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"Yes, Mother." you sigh, cradling the phone against your ear with your shoulder. It's only been a day since you moved out of the house and into your very own apartment, and she was already checking up on you. You loved the woman, but seriously, you moved out of the place for a reason. A pair of arms snaked their way around your waist, and you smile, knowing it was Louis. You turn and mouth a 'hello', totally oblivious to the naughty glint in his eyes.

"Oh!" you cry out as he backed you up against the kitchen table and pushed you down the cool surface.

"Honey, what's wrong?" your mom asks, worry evident in her voice.

"I, uh... Just remembered my clothes in the dryer," you gasped out as the sneaky devil hiked your skirt up so it pooled around your waist. Oh my god, he's not... You try to swat his hands away once they reached for your panties, your eyes wide with fear and okay, fine... a little bit of excitement. Your mom continued on with her badgering, and you took advantage of the situation and quickly covered the mouthpiece.

"Louis, you asshole, stop!" you furiously whisper, your mouth going dry when he succeeded in sliding your panties down your legs. You lose your train of thought as he pries your slack legs apart (you gave up fighting because damn it, this was so hot). His stubble scraped against the sensitive skin of your inner thighs, and a shaky moan escapes your lips.

"[Y/N]? [Y/N], are you there?" your mom's shrill voice manages to find its way through your hazy mind and you were torn whether to hang up or answer her.

"Answer," Louis murmured against your quaking thigh.

You swallowed thickly, and brought the phone back against your ear. "I'm here, Mom." You say, wincing when you realize your voice was thick with lust. You were so going to hell.

"Are you getting sick?" your mom asks, and she begins to tell you about home remedies.

You hold your breath as Louis spread your legs open wide, his breath fanning against your core. Your eyes close as he dives in, his lips sealing around your clit. He's sucking, and oh fuck, flicking his tongue against the sensitive bud, making your hips buck up against his mouth. "Uh huh," you breathe into the phone, your hand reaching down to press his head closer to your body.

"Oh! That's great!" you yell as two of his fingers sank into your pussy. (Your Mom comments at how happy she was that you are excited about her home remedies, and you couldn't help but mentally pat yourself in the back). Louis doesn't even waste time to tease you. He's pumping; hitting places that he knew would drive you absolutely insane.

Your hips began to rise from the table to meet his fingers, making him reach even deeper. He's looking up at you, mouth moving against your clit so fucking deliciously and his eyes sparkling so damn merrily that you fucking lose it.

Absolutely lose it.

You hit the mute button just in time as you let out a scream, your orgasm hitting you so hard that your thighs clamp around Louis's head and your toes curl. Tremors ran up and down your body as he helped you down from your high, lazily lapping at your clit and pumping his fingers a couple more times before slipping them out of your body.

"L-Louis..." you giggle, half from the intensity of the orgasm and half from the very bizarre situation.

Oh god, your mom!

You hurriedly un-mute the phone and let out a silent sigh in relief because she was still talking, completely oblivious to what happened on your end of the phone. You glared at Louis as he wiped his smirking lips. "You are so lucky!" you mouth to him, sitting up and hitting him on his chest.

"Honey, can you put me on speaker please?"

"Uh, sure mom." You reply, puzzled to why exactly she wanted to be on speaker.

"Hello, Louis. I'm sure you're taking very good care of [Y/N] and her new place?"

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.

You choked back a scream and you could literally feel the flames from hell licking at your skin. You and Louis stare at each other, completely baffled, appalled, embarrassed, and oh jeez, no words could even describe the mortification you two felt at the moment.

Louis manages to compose himself. "I, uh, yes m'am!" he stutters, flustered.

"[Y/N]. Don't forget I used to be young too. Use protection because I don't want any grandchildren anytime soon, alright?" and with that, your Mom hangs up.

The sound of the dial tone filled the air.

You didn't know whether to be disgusted or relieved. Disgusted at the images of your mother having sex flashing through your mind or relieved that she didn't threaten to kill your boyfriend and drag you back to the house.

You were brought out of your musings as Louis curled his arms around the back of your knees and around your back, carrying you bridal style. "What are you doing?" you growl. He wasn't completely off the hook yet.

"We have to christen the rest of the apartment. I mean, she did give us her permission right?"

Jesus, Louis Tomlinson was the devil in disguise.

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