My Directioner Life

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Dear diary 5 years ago I was a hater of lots of boy bands but for some reason now it was diffrent.I began to like some of them ,but I came across One Direction I thought they were pretty hott if u ask me .Well now its 2013 and im still a directioner .Man but I wish I can kiss harry mmm omg he is just so... Fine .. but for some reason I felt like one day I would see him , the only reason I thought of that was because me and my best friend jenna are go to UK to go to clubs and dance and have fun. and this is my life sincerly jamie hunderson.The next day, Jamie wake up said jamies mom ,ugh mom stopp bugging ME !!! I told u to stop bugging me when im sleeping unless its school well its not so bye plz leave me ... ALONE jamie stop being such a brat. get up jenna called and said u have to pack up the flight to UK will leave in 3 and a half hour so GET Up .. Sorry mom im just so bot im the mood for anything right now said jamie.Okay well honey get up and get ready u dont want the plane to leave . Okay mom ... Ugh omg what do  I bring man this is stress full half an hour later...... Okay so I got my 1D perfume ,undies ,

And everything else yay okay well I better call jenna now.sorry guys u have to read part to in order to read more dont worry I will make it soon thanks hope u like it so far :)

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