Chapter 5

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*one week later*

We were at dance class, practicing really hard. The competition is tomorrow so me and brad are focussing on getting the dance perfect. It was still very hard for me considering what happened a week ago. My dad is healing really well, but when he can leave the hospital he's going to the UK with the rest of my family. Ill be the only one here. I'm quite nervous right now because brad is taking me to see my dad after dance. I don't know what to even say to them. Last time I spoke to them, was the day after Brad made a stay at his house.


Brad dropped me off at my parents house and waited in the car as I go in to tell my family that I'm living with brad at his place. I see my mom and dad in the TV room, I sit down and say, " hey guys. " " where the hell were you last night? " my mom snaps back. "I was at brads. You guys were screaming at eachother and Brad didn't want me to stay here." I reply "well he isn't the one to be saying we're you should be staying because we are your parents. We fight all the time. Get over it" my dad screams at me. " you know what? I came in here, hoping that I could make good with you two so I didn't have to tell you that I'm moving out and living with brad. You guys suck I hate you! You never treat me like a daughter! I'm more like a punching bag! I have to use make up to cover up the scars from you throwing beer bottles at me you drunk ass hole! I never want to see either of you again!" Scream as loud as I could mean while crying. I ran out of the house hearing foot steps behind me. " get back here you little bitch! " my mom yelled. She grabbed a hold of the back of my shirt and threw me to the ground. I got back up and punched her as hard as I could and just ran to the car. " what the hell is going on?" Brad asked worriedly. " nothing just drive please. " I say through my tears. He holds my hand as we drive home.

*end of flashback*

" okay guys. Rest up tonight the competition is tomorrow." Mario says to us. "Of course, see you tomorrow!" I say back. Before we could even get out of the door, Mario says " wait! Your costumes are coming in tomorrow at 11 so I want you two to come at 12 instead of 2 okay? " " okay " brad and I reply.

We get into the car and start driving to the hospital. Brad has his hand rested on mine. I really don't know what to say to my father.

We get to the hospital and go to the front desk. " hi I would like to see my father, Toni Walters. " "one second let me see what room he is in." A few seconds pass and the lady stands up. "Can you please

Come over here with me? I need to tell you something."

*brads pov*

Well that's weird. " I'll wait here" I say to Kenzie. She nods her head and walks over. I watch there lips move, but I'm not able to make out what they are saying. They both stop and I see Kenzie's mouth drop to the floor.


Last min post before i go to bed. I tried to make it heart racing or whatever. I don't think it worked. Lmao oh well!

The next chapter will be on why Kenzie was so shocked when she was talking to the lady.

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