I winn!!!

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🏡Prods house.:

*Me and prod walks in laughing*

P/M- *looking at y'all crazy*

Me-hello ms.crippen

Prod-hey mom

P/M- mhhh I'm mad y'all come in my house all laughing and loud while I'm watching my show! *laughing*

Me-sorry about that ms.c

P/M- what was y'all laughing about anyway?

Prod-on nothing I just locked dariunna in the car *starts laughing*

Me- *hits him* not funny any more

P/M- *smh* so when you are too love birds going to start dating??

Me-*coughs* um were just friends nothing more

Prod-*looks down* yea mom

P/M- I'm sure it's more than that I can see y'all make the perfect couple

Prod-ok mom that's enough *gives here the stop embarrassing me sigh*

😄Prods room-

Prod-sorry about my mom she's kinda crazy

Me-No it's fine

Prod-okay and you can put your bags over there in the closet.

Me-okay *puts bag in closet and sees basket ball* so you play ball huh?

Prod- *laughs a little* yea I can play real good.!

Me- oh really cuz i bet I can play better than you! 😌

Prod- oh really how about we find out. I have a basket ball goal outside lets play!

Me- 😏 your about to go down!!

Prod-*laughing* well see


Me-if I win I get to dump ice cream on your head!!

Prod-if I win I get to take you somewhere tomorrow. 😌

Me-fine deal!

Me and prod-*shakes hands and starts playing*

20 minutes later 😨😅

Me and prod- *tired and sweating hard*

Me-well good game I guess you really can play

Prod-told ya so now I get to take you somewhere tomorrow!

Me- *rolls eyes* whatever

Prod- wanna go inside and get some water?


🍰In the kitchen-

Me and prod drinking water.

Prod- so what you wanna eat today

Me-hmm idk looks in the pantry. I have an Idea lets make cupcakes.

Prod-sounds fun

Me- gets out the ingredients

Prod-please don't burn down my house

Me- lol shutup

Prod-yes ma'am

Me and prod making cupcakes

Prod-*putting flour in the mixture*

Me-prod what did you just do?

Prod-I added flour

Me-you weren't supposed to add that yet.!!

Prod-sorry 😔

Me- yea you should be *throws flour at him then runs around the counter*

Prod-turns around and catches you then smacks flour on your cheeck

Me-*laughing* ok ok I'm sorry

Prod-you better be

Me- 😂😂 ok can you show me to the bathroom I'm gonna take a shower.

Prod-leads you to the restroom


Me-*taking a shower*

😋30 minutes later

Me-*walks in prods room with your Spider-Man pj's on

Prod-my mom went to get us some food I hope you like tacos

Me-I love tacos

Prod-smh just like ray

Me-who's ray?

Prod-he goes to our school you haven't seen him maybe ill show you Monday.


🌚Later that night -

Prod-today was fun

Me-i know I had a good time

Prod-yea where do you wanna sleep

Me-it doesn't matter do you mind if I sleep with you?

Prod-yea if you want

Me-ok *gets in bed*



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