today is my wedding day with harry styles I woke up with a smile on my face just to think tht im gonna be mrs.styles

my pov

I woke up and called my bridesmaids tara and taylor and maid of honor my cousin daphane smith and she said yea I said ready so we got me in my big dress and put my make up on and they got their dresses on and we got there on time and niall said im gonna walk you down the isle

harrys pov

its time for tori to walk down with niall so the music started playing and tori came down with niall and when they got there the pastor said harry Edward styles do you take tori marie miller to rich and poor sickness and health and death or life I do I said the pastor said tori marie miller do you take harry Edward styles to be your husband from rich and poor sickness or health and death or life she said I do then he said  harry you may kiss your bride and we kissed and everybody said awee

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