Always Have Reasons

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Hi everyone I'm an 7th grader and this is my first time making a book. I hope u like it.


Day 1


Does everyone have a good feeling? Does anyone have good reason? A good reason that you love and care about? Example. When you meet a person that you don't know, loves you. I mean, does this person knows me? Did we met somewhere unusual? Beats me. This person likes me for some reason. But.....what did I do to him? Hi. My name is Ritsu Onodera. I'm in Japan and I'm in college.

Day 2


In the house......

Ritsu woke up due to the morning hot ray of sunlight that shoot throw his window hitting him right in the face. He groan from that bright light as he sat up straight.

"Ugh.. what a beautiful day..."

He slide on his green slipper on the side if his bed and walked over to the bathroom, he grabbed his tourist color toothbrush shoving it in his mouth. After that, he dress up and went outside to eat breakfast.

"Still a beautiful day. Well, I'll be off!

Ritsu walk on a store and bought some food.

"Ahhh that was delicious. Now what? Let see...... ahh! I was going Usami's house."

Ritsu started to walk and suddenly.....

"Wohhh..... OH MY GOSH!!!!"

Ritsu hides behind the wall.

"I suddenly stop for some reason. But why? Because there was the girl who loves me. I never saw her in my life. How does she know me?"


That is it! I hope u like it. Like of comment plz. Say it honestly that is horrible or not.

I tried my best so yea. Thanks!

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