Meet The Family

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Ray's Kids

- Elisa is 17 years old. She is the oldest out of Ray's Brady bunch. Although she isn't Ray's daughter, she loves him like a father, but Elisa has always wonders what he father is like. Anyways, she is fun, smart, curious, loving , and weird.

-Raven is 14 years old. She's always felt like she isn't important. But Raven's boyfriend is the only person who makes her feel special and one of a kind instead of three of a kind. Raven is the kind of girl to get in trouble for every little thing she does because she was always a troublemaker

- Kyla is 14 years old and also known as triplet number 1.. So everyone makes sure she is okay. Kyla is pretty quiet, and doesn't really have friends besides her family. But she will soon learn about real and fake friends. But Kyla is basically the angel child out of ALL the kids

- Mikyla is 14 years old and is triplet number three.. She is the smartest out of the triplets and always gets good grades. But then, she meets someone she thinks she has feelings for , and everyone starts going against her. Other than that, Mikyla is amazing.

-Desiree is 12 years old. She's Ray and Kay's LAST child. She's fun and crazy. She's a daddy's girl and gets almost everything she wants.

- RJ is 15 years old. He is one month older than the triplets. He is Ray and Zonnique's som. Yessss, Ray had another child by someone else. SHOCKER! Anyways, RJ is pretty laid back but, him and his cousins get into some craziness and then, all goes bad

-Reeanna is 14 years old. She is Breunna and Ray's daughter. She's pretty chill, she lives with Ray and them. She loves her life BUT, something is always bothering her.

Prince's Kids

- Aaliyah is 14 years old and is Prince's oldest daughter. She's a dancer and a singer. She loves school and is loving. Now she has her clique but, finally finds out what two faced people are.

- Allison is 5 years old and is the baby. She is super sweet and is talking.

- Starr is Prince and Shania's daughter .. Starr is 14 years old. She is fun , smart , and popular at school. After she breaks up with her boyfriend Romaine, all the boys wanna go out with her, who will she choose.

- JJ is Shania and Prince's son .. He's 14 and is cool. His twin, Starr is basically his best friend. He really isn't the drama type but, he defends his family

Prod's Kids

- Camille is prod and shaday's daughter. She's 13 years old and is very disrepectful. It's mostly towards her step mother , father and teachers. Her Mom , And Cousin Aaliyah are the only people she truly trusts.

-Kyle is 3 months old and is Danielle and Prod's baby

Roc's Kids

-Calvin is 15 years old .. He's first born and is really smart. He's quiet and isn't really a problem child. He's what people call a "nerd" . His twin isn't anything like that

- CJ is Calvin's twin brother. He's mixed into some crazy stuff and does nothing but, get his cousins in hot water too

-Lorenzo is 14 years old and is crazy. He gets mixed into stuff with his big brother, and cousin.

- Tristan is 13 years old and also gets mixed into the drama with his brothers. But he's Keilah and Roc's son


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